MENTIS Data Security Platform

Additional Info

CompanyMENTIS Inc
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


MENTIS provides a comprehensive solution that helps organizations in their privacy and security portfolio. MENTIS products help organizations in the following area:
– Data Privacy
– Data Discovery and Classification
– Anonymization and Pseudonymization
– Privacy Enabling Technologies
– Data Subject Access Requests
– Data Security
– Test Data Management
– Cross Border Information Sharing
– Cloud security and migration
– Data Activity Monitoring
MENTIS data security platform offers a comprehensive solution that helps the customer:
– Identify all locations of sensitive data with minimal false positives
– Anonymize/Mask data in non-production environments while maintaining referential and data integrity
– Pseudonymize/Restrict access to sensitive data in production environments through user-based/Location/Program/Condition-based access control.
– Continuous monitoring of users or programs who access sensitive data including code change monitoring
– Protect the database access through DB firewall
– Automating data subject access requests to comply with data subject requests like Right to Erasure, Right to Forget, Right to Inform.
These capabilities of MENTIS can help organizations identify and protect sensitive data residing in on-premises or cloud data stores like RDBMS, Big Data, Data Warehouses, Files, Unstructured data, etc.
MENTIS offers more than 70 data classification elements that come pre-configured to find sensitive data for GDPR, HIPAA, PDPA, and other global regulations. MENTIS also offers more than 60 anonymization options which include masking, encryption, tokenization from a single platform. MENTIS solutions are patented and have been tested against some of the most complex data structures in the globe like Top Swiss Bank, Top Healthcare organization in the United States, Top Ivy League University, Top Defense Lab in the United States, etc.
MENTIS is one among the two vendors to have been ranked customer choice for data masking in a forum moderated by Gartner (Gartner Peer Insights) two times in a row.

How we are different

- Single integrated and collaborative platform for data security across every data store and data format. Starting from CIOs to Database administrators, everyone collaborates to protect sensitive information in their organization.
- MENTIS does not believe in one size fit all approach. We have multiple approaches to protect sensitive data without changing the business process/application architecture within the customer environment. Our product can be configured and used in ways which are minimal invasive in customer environments and all the processing of data happens at the target data store. So, no data ever leaves the target data store, thereby being a true data security product.
- Patented and award-winning solution in the market. Our product has been regarded highly by analysts like Gartner, Forrester, Bloor research. Moreover, MENTIS is the only data agnostic platform listed in Gartner Peer Insights to have won two consecutive customer choice for data masking recognition. This is a forum where end customer give feedback on the product and moderated by Gartner. MENTIS has been trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Top Swiss Bank, Top HR Services firm, etc.