Mike Baird, Managing Director at Red Education

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)Managing Director
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)Red Education
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Mike Baird is the Managing Director of the multi-award-winning global Accredited Certification Training Company, Red Education.
Mike is a senior executive who has experience in training, business leadership, commercial sales, revenue growth and building high-performance teams, with a background spanning technology, sales and the military.
Mike joined Red Education in February 2020 and was tasked with transforming the business and restructuring its systems and process across all regions. He is responsible for culture and values, staff accountability, strategic partnerships with vendors, distributors and partners. Mike is also responsible for revenue growth across the business and leads the Red Education marketing strategy.



• Adaptability - Mike Baird joined Red Education in 2020, just as the global pandemic started to turn the world of cybersecurity training on its head. Mike was faced with the monumental challenges of taking the business from largely classroom-based training delivery to a virtual instructor-led training model, changing behaviours and providing high-quality learning outcomes. He has spearheaded a culture of adaptability, at the helm of a nimble organization where changes can be implemented immediately when responding to market needs.
• Purpose - Mike sees his role as Managing Director as being the primary strategist for the business, setting and communicating goals and a sense of purpose. Mike describes that purpose as setting the benchmark of knowledge around cybersecurity and improving the futures of both the companies we work with and our students. With the transformation of the post-COVID IT landscape, Mike stresses the importance of Red Education training to help organizations to mitigate their risk of penetration by cybercriminals. Mike also sees the improvements in the lives of the company’s students as one of the fundamental purposes of Red Education, allowing students to significantly increase their organisational value and personal income as they progress through their certification journey.
• Moral compass - As a leader, Mike believes it is essential to embody clear values and a strong ethical compass. He knows the importance of trust, saying “if you are not trustworthy, no one will follow you”. His focus is to demonstrate high personal standards of behaviour and ethics, as well as honesty, empathy, hard work, and adaptability. Mike says that he derives great joy from lifting people and seeing them progress in their careers. He feels a responsibility to build a company that can nurture and financially support his growing team as well as those who depend on them for their livelihoods.