Mimecast for Healthcare

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Healthcare organizations are a favorite target of cybercriminals due to the massive amounts of medical and personal information they store, and the fact that selling this data is extremely lucrative. Email remains the number one initial attack vector, and today, healthcare organizations are facing an unprecedented volume and variety of sophisticated email-borne threats – from phishing and social engineering, to ransomware and, now, killware. Without a strong email security strategy, these organizations risk exposing patient data, being subject to financial fines, and even compromising patient care.

Mimecast empowers healthcare organizations to mitigate these risks by providing a robust, layered approach to security that provides:

• Advanced security – Secure email gateway defends against email-borne spear-phishing, impersonation and ransomware attempts; malicious URLs and attachments at time-of-click; known and unknown malware; spam; internal threats; and malicious and accidental information loss.
• Threat protection, threat intelligence and threat remediation – Detects attacks at and inside the perimeter, providing deep threat intelligence and the ability to contain threats.
• Cloud Archive – helps keep corporate knowledge available, protecting and preserving it, all while simplifying management and administration.
• Business continuity – Offers a 100% SLA on email availability in the event of an outage of a primary email system.
• Brand exploit protection – Protects against both abuse of domains an organization owns and brand imitation using ones they don’t in part by leveraging DMARC.
• Browser isolation – Allows users to safely click on any embedded URL and surf the web.
• Web security – Blocks malicious or inappropriate web activity.
• Internal email protection – Extends Mimecast’s security controls to customers’ internally generated emails, encrypting mail messages and enabling employees to share attachments securely.
• Security awareness training – Reduces employee security mistakes and cyber risk with relevant training and tactical security tests.

Example case study: https://www.mimecast.com/nl/resources/case-studies/methodist/

How we are different

• Mimecast’s true cloud architecture helps healthcare organizations reduce both operating and capital expenses, while dramatically improving their performance and ability to scale and enhancing their email security and archiving posture. “With Mimecast we don’t have to manage anti-spam and anti-malware. Having all of our email go through Mimecast allows us to quickly and easily get the information we need - we can tell if the email was sent encrypted, who sent the message, and when and if the message was delivered on our side or their side. This has given us huge benefits that we never had before,” – Matt Green, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Methodist Le Bonheur Healthcare (https://www.mimecast.com/resources/case-studies/methodist/)

• In addition to outstanding email protection, Mimecast also partners with the world’s best security vendors to build an industry-leading cyber resilience ecosystem, which now has more than 70 API integration partners, including CrowdStrike, ServiceNow, Palo Alto Networks and Rapid7. Each integration is designed to allow organizations to gain greater insights into their threat landscape, reducing complexity, minimizing risk, and improving threat detection and response times. Learn more about the open platform here: https://www.mimecast.com/products/api-and-the-tech-connect-ecosystem/.

• Mimecast Security Awareness Training combines video content with tactical security tests to help healthcare organizations reduce security risks associated with employee human error, which causes 90%+ of breaches. Mimecast AT helps busy medical professional stay clear of phishing attacks that could have devastating results due to all the sensitive information their organization stores.