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Company size (employees)20
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Enterprises face an onslaught of attacks that involve malicious software. Unfortunately, most security technologies require burdensome deployments, maintenance and investigative oversight. The need for such human involvement drastically increases companies’ costs of implementing an effective security program. Minerva’s technology enhances customers’ anti-malware defenses without placing additional burden on their personnel. Instead, it automatically blocks malicious actions without requiring signature deployments or rushed investigations. With malware held in check, customers can decide how and when to follow-up on the incident.
Minerva’s products can augment and strengthen customers’ existing anti-malware controls. This is especially important for enterprises that are weary of the costs and risks related to fully uprooting and replacing their existing security products. In some cases, Minerva’s solutions can also act as the primary method for defending the endpoint from malicious code.
Minerva prevents cyber-attacks without the need for prior detection. Rather than waiting for attacks to happen, Minerva’s Environment Simulation Technology (ETS) creates an environment in which malware refrains from execution by using the malware’s own strength (evasion techniques) against it. The company came out of stealth in January 2016 already has paying customers and prevented major attacks that no other security solutions were able to detect.

How we are different

• Minerva’s approach to fighting malware minimizes the need for burdensome human involvement. Our way of controlling malware by adjusting the way it “perceives” its environment employs deception in a subtle manner, without treating it as a buzzword highlighted in some products.
• We help enterprises maximize the value of their security tools, in contrast to the advice of vendors that advocate for a costly, risky and impractical overhaul of major portions of customers’ existing security mechanisms.
• Minerva’s approach to battling malware employs unique Environment Simulation Technology (EST), which provides Minerva with a platform for influencing the decision logic of malicious software. EST can control how malicious code “perceives” its environment, neutralizing malware before it can cause harm. Minerva does this without any reliance on signatures or other detection-focused approaches.