Minerva Threat Prevention Platform

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CompanyMinerva Labs
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionSoftware


Minerva Labs is a leading prevention-first company, revolutionize the endpoint security industry by introducing a new, different and more effective approach to stop threats that other tools miss, regardless of time, team’s size, skills and toolset.
Minerva reduces by 90% the number of threats that your team needs to deal with.
In fact, the harder to detect the malware, the easier for Minerva to block it.

Our zero-touch preemptive endpoint defense platform addresses all modern threats such as file-less attacks, PowerShell scripts, ransomware, malicious documents (macro), Mimikatz, Cryptominers, living off the land etc. and block them BEFORE infection, with ultra-light agent and without any prerequisites or reboots.

Minerva’s Endpoint Threat Prevention and Response Platform gives you the ability to manage Microsoft Windows Defender as a core AV and to use Minerva Investigator to actively hunt, investigate and respond.
Minerva also have a unique offering for VPN (protecting the during the entire session), PoS, ATMs, Gas pumps, OT and Industrial IoT systems, embedded and legacy systems.

How we are different

- Any threat that is detected-able by EDR (evasive threats, that usually will take the EDR 100+ days to detect) - would be prevented with Minerva PRIOR infection.
- The only solution that combines preemptive prevention, deterrence-based deception and camouflage techniques to prevent modern treats. Minerva reduces 90% of threats that organisation needs to deal with and solves the ransomware problem with its Ransomware proof module. In addition, Minerva enables you to hide your critical assets (if they cannot see it, they cannot hit it).
- Scalable, zero-touch solutions, supports modern and legacy systems, that enable defenders to deal with any threat regardless of time, team's size, skills and toolset.
Reduce by 90% the number threats that the security team needs to deal with.