Mission Secure Platform

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CompanyMission Secure
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionHybrid


The original concepts for Mission Secure emanated from the U.S. Department of Defense’s request to ensure cyber resiliency for military weapons systems and platforms. Hence, the Mission Secure Platform was built for one purpose — OT cyber-protection.

Going dramatically beyond other available solutions with truly innovative capabilities integrated into one platform, the Mission Secure Platform is the first integrated cyber-protection platform for complete visibility, segmentation, protection, and patented signal-integrity monitoring. The Mission Secure Platform protects OT networks from cybersecurity threats with:

– Visibility – including the ability to inventory and map OT network devices, to monitor OT network and protocol communications, to monitor device parameters and changes, and to detect network anomalies and threats, helping operations improve their security postures.

– Segmentation – including the ability to logically segment the OT environment without the need to re-architect the entire network, control and restrict third-party access, and control all touchpoints inside and out.

– Protection – including the ability to protect devices against unknown, untrusted, and unallowed protocol commands and traffic, helping operations prevent, not just detect, cyber-attacks.

– Signal-Integrity – including the patented ability to read source-based electronic signals from individual processes, use proprietary algorithms to conduct vertical and horizontal process signal integrity validation, and ensure workstation readings shown to operators are accurate to help prevent signal spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks or simply system failures.

To date, Mission Secure holds five U.S. patents on the technology and architecture contained within the Mission Secure Platform.

How we are different

1. Safeguarding military and defense OT assets – Mission Secure is the only American OT cyber-protection platform with real-world experience in the national defense industry. Mission Secure’s technology has been selected for a variety of U.S. Department of Defense systems, from vessels and planes to autonomous systems. Today, Mission Secure’s work in the defense industry comprises nearly half of the company’s business, including work with the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force.

2. Patented process monitoring and validation – The Mission Secure Platform is the only one to include a patented Signal-Integrity device for process monitoring and validation — a critical offering for defense asset cyber resiliency. The patented Mission Secure Signal-Integrity device reads copies of electronic signals directly from individual process devices, using proprietary algorithms to conduct vertical and horizontal process signal integrity validation. No one offers anything like this capability. And it gives critical military operations validation that what’s reported is exactly what is happening in the lowest levels of their OT assets.

3. First integrated OT protection platform – The Mission Secure Platform is the only unified OT cybersecurity protection platform built to stop cyber threats, attacks, and failures. The Mission Secure Platform is the first to offer OT protection inline in OT networks through network segmentation, white-listing, and protocol analysis between OT controllers and the operators’ workstations. The Mission Secure Platform brings cyber-protection as close to OT processes as possible in the IP network protecting operations controllers and actual process devices. As opposed to solely detection and response capabilities, this attack prevention is key to reducing cyber breaches and establishing cyber resiliency in critical assets. This capability allows the Mission Secure Platform to stop cyber threats and attacks, where others only provide visibility and/or detection.