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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionService


myNuspire helps tie everything we do for our clients into one technology-agnostic operating system and easy-to-use portal. It’s the first TRULY single pane of glass to see the entire security program on one screen, which you can access from any device when and where you need it. In addition to bringing visibility into all security technology, myNuspire is equipped with Nuspire’s on-demand threat intelligence capabilities through its Nuspire™ Threat Modeling Tool, which provides customers with actionable threat intelligence specific to their organizations’ industry and size, ensuring customers have the knowledge they need at their disposal. Also included in myNuspire is the Nuspire™ Security Program, which provides organizations with clear outcomes and identifies gaps that will advance their security program. Nuspire Security Program also helps organizations understand if their technology is operating the way it should and where to spend their money to get the best return on investment. Designed by CISOs for CISOs, myNuspire makes the CISO onboarding process easier, enabling new hires to get a holistic understanding of the organization’s security posture so they can quickly architect actionable next steps or necessary modifications to bolster security. With the average tenure of a CISO amounting to 18-24 months, Nuspire seeks to make the CISO job more manageable by creating a trusted solution specifically designed to make the job less chaotic, with the ultimate goal of dramatically decreasing the frequency of CISO burnout.

How we are different

1. Fully-customizable. persona-based experience empowering the user with one-click access to all security technology in one view. (Users can set up a view customized for C-Suite, Board, Executive Management and more)
2. It gives security leaders an idea of where to spend their next dollar, getting custom results and recommendations for their organization. No information is cookie-cutter.
3. The first TRULY single pane of glass, providing one tool to visualize and better orchestrate your entire security program.
Users have access from any device when and where they need it.