N2WS Backup & Disaster Recovery

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CompanyN2WS Backup & Recovery
Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


N2WS Backup & Recovery is the #1 backup & recovery solution on the AWS marketplace and has become the go-to solution for enterprises of all verticals ensuring uptime for their cloud data.

AWS has been the most experienced, reliable and compliant public cloud, as shown by their >40% market share and exponential growth. Companies both large and small depend on 24/7 access to their data and a crucial need for a backup solution that can be accessed quickly and reliably. No matter what your vertical is – financial, healthcare, mobile, IT, transport, media – the risk of even seconds of downtime is too just large to gamble with. Organizations need to be prepared for potential data breaches, ransomware, errors, bugs and weather-related disasters. The consequences can be dire and can be anything from shutting down entire global transport systems to a ransomware attack costing millions of dollars and chaos.

For organizations running AWS workloads, this is where N2WS Backup & Recovery steps in. N2WS is an enterprise level backup and disaster recovery solution featuring very flexible backup scheduling, ensuring you are protected from outages, failures, and data losses. Built specifically for AWS, N2WS gives enterprise teams the ability to back up data as often as needed and recover it far more quickly than with both native tools and traditional on-premises. N2WS protects hundreds of thousands of Amazon EC2 instances for thousands of customers that need to back up often, recover quickly, ensure 100% uptime and ultimately saves these teams an enormous amount of time and resources.

N2WS has a large and loyal customer base which spans many verticals who are not only successfully backing up their AWS environment and sleeping soundly knowing their workloads are backed up frequently. and securely. Flagship customers include Coca-Cola, NASA, Cisco, IBM, Dyson & Time

How we are different

--Unlike other solutions, N2WS is built for a multi-user environment. N2WS provides valuable multi-tenancy so different users with different roles and permissions can manage their own backup, just view backups, etc. This is particularly useful for enterprises with more than one account, MSPs and service providers that provide backup for multiple clients. In addition, N2WS' unique reporting feature provides transparency and gives a complete picture of all backups by each user.

--Cross account AND Cross-region Disaster Recovery — Having both cross account and cross regions DR is essential for any organization looking for maximum protection against both outages and malicious attacks. Other tools perform backups within the same region which is of no use to a customer who needs to recover backups during a region outage. In addition if an account is compromised and backups are residing in that account, they are unavailable. N2WS was developed their backup tool with these features in mind after seeing countless companies publicly go out of business because it was simply too expensive, time consuming and/or breached customers' trust to continue to run their business (note that many of these failures and breaches go unreported). This was a recovery problem that needed to be addressed and N2WS stepped in to provide that.

--Archiving to S3 - In AWS environments, customers are responsible to ensure their data is secure, but they also need a way to achieve greater efficiency and comply with regulations as they grow their AWS workloads. Many AWS users are looking for an easy solution to copy EBS snapshots to Amazon S3 object storage to save on storage costs, long-term retention (ie. they must comply by regulatory compliance requirements to keep backups for several years). N2WS provides the ideal solution to move those backups to Amazon S3, where they are far more durable.