NC Protect for Microsoft Teams

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionSoftware


data loss and insider threats. It provides a simple, fast and scalable solution for tailoring protection of chat content, file sharing and guest access in Teams.
NC Protect enforces compliance and security policies for privacy, confidentiality, intellectual property, information barriers and business policies by augmenting native app security with dynamic attribute-based policies to control accidental sharing, misuse and theft.
It applies conditional attribute-based access control (ABAC), usage and sharing rights to enforces access and protection policies for each and every user and device, completely transparent to the end user. Administrators and Team owners can manage access and information security without creating more security groups, teams or other information silos. Instead, they define access rules and usage rights to control access and user actions – efficiently and dynamically.
– Customizable built-in rule sets control internal and guest access and data protection in teams and channels from the NC Protect Tab in the Teams UI.
– Advanced Information Barriers allow users to collaborate on permitted projects or topics, while simultaneously preventing unauthorized or accidental sharing of restricted information.
– Access and protection policies can be extended to the SharePoint and OneDrive sites connected to Teams for consistent security.
– IT Friendly Private Channels simplify their creation and management to easily restrict access to specific individuals within a Team.
– Smart Security Scopes automatically adjust Team security based on the team member, chat or file content and context and dynamically adjust if the content sensitivity or member attributes change.
– Blocks chat messages and file attachments in real-time from unauthorized users.
– Force users to view sensitive documents in a secure read-only web viewer and applies dynamic digital security watermarks.
– Hides Files and Tabs in the app UI to prevent unauthorized users from viewing sensitive information.

How we are different

• NC Protect for Teams dynamically adjusts access to and protection of chats, channels and files shared in Teams based on user and file attributes to control what users can see, how they can share information and with whom.
• NC Protect is built on and leverages existing Microsoft security investments to get advanced information protection without the complex and time consuming administration experience of native tools. Users benefit from advanced features like dynamic watermarks, secure viewers, and flexible information barriers not available out of the box.
• With NC Protect start securing content in hours, not days or weeks. NC Protect requires no additional client-side application simplifying deployment and reducing the time that your content is at risk. Centrally manage access and usage policies across the suite of Microsoft Office 365 applications using the same rule sets to reduce admin overhead and resources associated with managing sites and applications.