Neosec API Detection and Response Platform

Additional Info

Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Neosec is reinventing application security with a powerful API detection and response platform that unifies security and development teams to protect modern applications from threats. The foundation of the SaaS platform is built on data and analytics to manage security at scale. Neosec prevents threats from abusing the complex network of APIs that connect today’s businesses. The platform helps organizations discover every API and audit risk. Neosec has pioneered the use of behavioral analytics to understand normal versus abnormal API usage and delivers powerful threat hunting capabilities. Neosec prevents threats and stops abuse hiding within APIs and brings new intelligence to application security.

How we are different

Neosec is the only API security platform to bring XDR techniques to address the problems of abuse within applications that use APIs. Its SaaS platform looks at more than single requests and instead stores all API activity in the cloud and performs behavioral analytics on the entire dataset. Like a DVR, Neosec allows you to see every request before and after an attack, stitches together every entity across every API, and allows security professionals to understand the context of every attack. Neosec also delivers customized automated responses that integrate with popular technologies like WAFs, API gateways and CDNs.

After performing continuous discovery and risk audits of every API, Neosec’s data rich platform is the only one that allows for investigations and threat hunting. While other solutions only store alerts, Neosec stores every API request to enable sophisticated investigations and offers a market first managed threat hunting team of experts to search for threats on your behalf.

The Neosec platform uniquely provides automated, on-premises tokenization of API data at its point of origin so that API activity can be fully logged without the chance of exposing PII or confidential data. Many companies currently either do not log API data at all or only log high-level details due to compliance concerns. Now, API activity can be fully logged while adhering to the most stringent compliance and privacy controls.