NetNumber Fraud and Security Solutions

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
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Signaling security is a critical concern for operators as SS7 and Diameter networks can be manipulated for banking fraud, authentication theft, location tracking, eavesdropping, DOS attacks, etc. As SS7/Diameter enable international roaming and emerging IoT, operators must proactively protect their signaling networks and subscribers.

NetNumber provides unprecedented protection with the most comprehensive Fraud and Security solutions, including the industry’s first multi-protocol signaling firewall application on our carrier-grade TITAN platform. It protects against all threats in GSMA’s FS.11 (SS7) and FS.19 (Diameter), and provides a fully configurable environment to address future attack vectors.

NetNumber has complemented the signaling firewall with additional services, including comprehensive and fully integrated Data Reporting facilities via a complementary and dedicated Business Intelligence and Analytics system.

NetNumber provides real-time fraud prevention solutions through our NetNumber routing applications on the TITAN platform and associated NetNumber Global Data Services to protect consumers from Robocalls and Wangiri scam calls and blocking network fraud in real-time.

How we are different

1. A recent Strategy Analytics report, Competitive Comparison of Signaling Firewall Solutions, indicated NetNumber delivers the industry’s most robust multi-protocol Signaling Firewalls.

2. Our use of the continually updated GSMA dataset of fraudulent numbers is augmented by our own global database of blacklisted numbers, updated in real-time. We have implemented these systems at operator sites worldwide based on specific customer needs, and now offer it as part of our product portfolio. Using our system, operators can effectively block robocalls by source numbers and call patterns, stop call-back scams, and greatly reduce termination fee fraud. This provides protection from not only fraud but also mitigates major signaling security risks.

3. NetNumber Fraud and Security Control applications on the TITAN platform can be used alone or integrated with other applications on TITAN to protect subscribers in a variety of ways. For example, handling IMS security issues.