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Digital transformation can’t happen without network and security transformation and Netskope’s Security Visionaries podcast is a new outlet for forward-thinking security and technology leaders. In the development of this podcast, this show has consulted hundreds of the industry’s most well-regarded, forward-thinking CIOs, CISOs, networking leaders, architects, and practitioners to help us all make the best decisions for our teams, businesses, and society.

Going live in 2021, the podcast has already gained an average of over 2,500 listeners per episode. The podcast offers a forum for vigorous discussions with security and information technology leaders ranging from the CISO to the CIO to heads of infrastructure and networking on timely cybersecurity. Guests on the podcast include professionals working at Netskope and organizations in cybersecurity/IT leadership roles.

Hosted by Netskope’s Chief Security Officer Jason Clark, season one of the Security Visionaries podcast focused on transformation, and how leading CIOs, CISOs, architects, networking leaders, analysts, and other practitioners are building the cloud-centric technology architecture of the next decade. Those involved in these discussions don’t pretend to know all the answers. Instead, Security Visionaries focuses on open and ongoing conversations surrounding the most important steps to take when considering security transformation. This strategy results in passionate conversations that are undoubtedly engaging for all listeners.

Along with providing high-level industry insight, the podcast also provides companies with practical advice for tackling cloud security, SASE, Security Service Edge (SSE), Zero Trust, ransomware prevention, and other topics critical to architecture, teams, technology, and growth in a cloud-centric, remote-first era of business.

The podcast is the first in a series of new resources in the Security Transformation Playbook—a guide to the next phase of security and technology transformation in a time of profound change for everyone in business.

How we are different

Impactful industry thought leadership: The podcast hosts thought leaders beyond the Netskope internal team, making Security Visionaries a great resource for any individual or company looking for tactical approaches for tackling modern cybersecurity challenges. Specifically, guests discuss many facets of the cybersecurity landscape with Netskope’s CSO like security in a post-pandemic world, how to train the next generation of cybersecurity leaders, and misconceptions about the industry. Some high-profile guests include Northwestern Mutual’s CTO Erick Rudiak, DocuSign’s Chief Trust and Security Officer Emily Health, Bayer Pharmaceuticals's CISO Gary Harbison, and Presidio’s field CISO Dan Lohrmann. As host, Netskope’s CSO ensures that all Security Visionaries guests are comfortable and prepared for a pleasant yet educational conversation listeners can get lost in.
Holistic security transformation: The Security Visionaries podcast was not meant as a stand-alone initiative. Instead, it is part of a long-term effort from Netskope called the Security Transformation Playbook. This multi-platform effort combines written, audio, and video content to offer analysis, critical insights, and practical, no-nonsense ways to drive transformation with a business team. The podcast paired with other avenues of security transformation resources results in a holistic approach to educating listeners on the most pressing cybersecurity issues.
Timely, relevant topics for multiple industries: Cybersecurity is not autonomous; it impacts every modern industry from healthcare to business to education. Looking at larger societal issues in the context of security helps listeners make cross-industry connections and provides high-level business solutions for combating these challenges. Security Visionaries features discussions on how cybersecurity is impacted by global trends like The Great Resignation, shifts to remote work, digital transformation, and the post-pandemic landscape. The Security Visionaries podcast provides listeners with valuable information relevant to improving their industry, regardless of job title.