Allot NetworkSecure: Security-as-a-Service for SMB Customers

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware


NetworkSecure for SMBs unifies core-network based security with endpoint and customer premise equipment (CPE)-based security to enable service providers to deliver comprehensive yet affordable branded, security services for small to mid-sized businesses, featuring an effortless customer experience.

The multi-layer network-based security platform enables service providers to offer Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) to their mobile, fixed and converged subscribers whether they are at the office or on the go, on- or off-network. When service providers offer NetworkSecure for SMBs, they ensure comprehensive cyber protection in place of the need for traditional endpoint security products that are often provided by third-party developers. This gives service providers an opportunity to offer their SMB customers security services that actually work, which reduces the customer’s workload and anxiety and is delivered with the service provider’s own branding, strengthening brand loyalty.

The Allot NetworkSecure solution offers flexibility, allowing the distribution of components to vary based on business needs; whether it’s centrally, across a traditional network, or as a virtual network function in a network functions virtualization (NFV) architecture. Once in place, NetworkSecure is simple to manage; a single interface allows network admins to set network policy, generate reports, and handle special events with ease.

Allot NetworkSecure enables service providers to deliver the following services to their SMB customers:
● Usage Visibility: Get a clear picture of online usage and understand how Internet security threats are impacting business productivity and viability.
● Web Filtering: Assure safe Internet browsing and prevent employee exposure to illegal or inappropriate content.
● Anti-Malware: Prevent malware threats from damaging mobile devices and causing loss of business data.
● Application Control: Define and enforce the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP)
● Mail Security: Stop fraudulent email and messaging from threatening business productivity by accurately filtering suspicious links without over-blocking.
● Real-time detection and mitigation of ransomware, phishing, cryptojacking and DDoS attacks

How we are different

● By using NetworkSecure, some of the world’s largest service providers have successfully deployed network-based security services that generate incremental revenue of $10-50 per user per month in the SMB market.
● NetworkSecure, allows the service provider to address the growing market for SMB managed security services in a scalable, cost-effective fashion, and leverage network-based security that is ideally suited to mobility needs and results in high customer satisfaction and increased adoption rates.
● For the small to mid-sized business, NetworkSecure is a flexible service package suited to meet various tenant requirements that are self-managed with a ’la carte Acceptable Use Policies and application control. It also has canned and customized reporting for security incident, application, and Web usage. The whole solution is simple to activate, and, with the exception of the optional endpoint client, requires absolutely no installation or maintenance on the part of the end-customer.