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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope


Next DLP (“Next”) is a leading insider risk and data protection solution provider. Next is revolutionizing data protection with its Reveal Platform, addressing the perpetual threat to valuable data from insider risks and beyond. Built from the ground up in the cloud, Reveal provides a perfect balance between security and productivity across every endpoint and cloud app.

Next’s seamless integration capabilities ensure compatibility with various IT environments and endpoint devices, providing flexibility and ease of deployment. As a testament to its success, Next has achieved significant milestones, including substantial funding, rebranding, and expansion into the U.S. market, while also earning recognition from prestigious industry awards.

Next’s leadership brings decades of cyber and technology experience from Fortra (f.k.a. HelpSystems), Digital Guardian, Crowdstrike, Forcepoint, Mimecast, IBM, Cisco, and Veracode. Next is trusted by organizations big and small, from the Fortune 100 to fast-growing healthcare and technology companies.

Unlike legacy DLP solutions, Next offers contemporary technology tailored for today’s work environment, emphasizing flexibility, integration, and superior customer support. With Next, organizations can trust in a modern, cloud-driven solution that aligns with current technology trends, providing robust data protection without compromising on usability or support quality.

How we are different

Leading Innovation with Cloud Native, Modern DLP: Next stands out from its competitors due to its innovative approach to data protection, which is deeply rooted in addressing the real-world challenges that organizations face. By recognizing and addressing the perpetual risks to valuable data, Next revolutionizes data protection. Unlike legacy DLP solutions, Next built the Reveal Platform from the ground up in the cloud, offering a solution designed to address modern risks.
Advanced AI and Machine Learning Integrations: The Reveal Platform provides a unified solution for Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and insider risk management. It allows easy deployment and delivers risk insights and DLP controls for managed and unmanaged endpoints, mobile devices, and cloud apps. Next's commitment to innovation is evident in its integration of generative AI policy templates, enhancing monitoring and protection capabilities for emerging technologies. The platform's evolution over time has seen the incorporation of advanced machine learning algorithms and expanded integration capabilities, ensuring complete visibility and control over data in diverse IT environments.
Exceptional Customer Focus: Next distinguishes itself through its unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, offering consistent and responsive customer support that prioritizes clients' needs. This customer-centric approach, coupled with Next's cutting-edge technology and commitment to excellence, sets it apart as a leader in the DLP industry.