Next DLP’s Reveal Platform

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CompanyNext DLP
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionEurope
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Next DLP’s (“Next”) Reveal Platform is a cloud-native data protection platform that provides content and context-aware insider risk management, data loss prevention, behavioral analytics, SaaS application risk assessment and device control.

A single-core license provides access to all the features the Reveal Platform delivers.

Reveal uses a low-profile cross-platform endpoint agent and enterprise cloud connectors to provide visibility, detection and response controls across managed devices (Windows, macOS, Linux), unmanaged devices (mobile, tablets etc.), and SaaS applications.

The solution addresses Insider Risk and DLP use cases and provides data security teams with complete coverage of the NIST cybersecurity framework.
Identification: content and context-based data identification, activity monitoring, data lineage tracking and SaaS app risk assessment
Protection: data loss policy and real-time action framework enabling user education, data protection, process kill, device quarantine and forensics capture
Detection: insider threat data exfiltration, data loss, acceptable use violations
Response: flexible workflow framework with response templates and API-powered 3rd party integrations
Recover: XTND AI, an artificial intelligence powered analyst investigation and report generation tool.

We listen to customers and partners, support them through the implementation of their programs, care deeply about their success and view them as design partners.

Key Capabilities / Features

Flexible SaaS and Hybrid Deployment Model - versatile, cloud-native security service designed for modern threats, offering immediate, policy-free visibility into user behavior and risks through smart agents and sensors, with flexible deployment and data storage options to ensure privacy compliance.
Rich out-of-the-box data visibility, risk assessment, and policy creation
Machine Learning (ML) and Behavioural Analytics - advanced machine learning and AI, including endpoint detection and sequence analysis, to predict and prioritize responses to high-risk activities by understanding user behavior patterns and summarizing threats for efficient resolution
AI Powered Sequence Detection and Activity Reporting (XTND AI) - enables analysts to prioritize their investigation time and move away from manually reviewing thousands of atomic "DLP incidents"
Context and Content-Aware Data Protection Policies
Lightweight Cross-Platform Endpoint Agent - Reveal supports Windows, macOS, and Linux, focusing on feature parity. Native integration to Microsoft Information Protection (MIP) is supported. The Reveal agent works on Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, and Linux (Ubuntu, RHEL) endpoints on ARM and x86 CPUs (including persistent and non-persistent VDI deployments)
Cloud and Mobile Data Security (Reveal Beyond) - Reveal Beyond for Office 365 and Google Workspace extend both our user activity visibility and data protection policies to unmanaged devices, including smartphones, tablets and personal laptops without an agent being deployed. Next sets itself apart by offering this feature exclusively within its unified platform, eliminating the need for external integrations that other vendors require to match its capabilities.
Reveal User Activity Timeline - single pane of glass management console for all product capabilities. Reveal's ability to deliver DLP and Insider Risk capabilities via a single agent has been instrumental in replacing legacy DLP and insider threat solutions.
API-Powered Integrations and Workflow Automation (Reveal Respond) - an open, API-driven platform that provides easy integration with business applications, including HR-IS, SIEM, SOAR/HA, Service Desk, etc

How we are different

Streamlined Insider Threat Detection with AI-Driven Analytics and Rapid Response - The Reveal platform combines insider risk detections, behavioral analytics, and automated response actions. We reduce the traditional overhead associated with insider threat investigations by automatically sequencing and risk-scoring detections across the data collection, defense evasion, and exfiltration stages, turning them into prioritized incidents for review. Next’s XTND AI assistant is embedded into the Incident and Cases modules to summarize observed high-risk activity and contextualize that activity based on peer group analysis. The Investigate module supports threat hunting and comprehensive search queries so analysts can hone in on the most severe insider threats. The Executive Dashboard displays summarized cyber hygiene trends and data tracking to show top user and data movement trends.
Advanced Data Loss Control Measures - The Reveal agent can mitigate data loss by detecting risk using policies and/or machine learning and invoking a flexible set of controls, ranging from monitor and report, justify/override, to outright block. Both content and contextual data identification methods are supported. Secure Data Flow identifies, tracks and controls the egress of data based on its origin (e.g. Workday, Salesforce, proprietary code repo).
Unrivaled SaaS and Mobile Security Coverage - Reveal differentiates itself with comprehensive coverage across SaaS applications and mobile data security, extending its protective measures to unmanaged devices via Reveal Beyond. This unique capability ensures detailed visibility into SaaS app usage and data flow without the need for agent deployment on each device, thus eliminating reliance on external integrations. By offering insights into the usage of personal and corporate credentials and the movement of sensitive data, Reveal empowers organizations to effectively manage insider threats and data protection policies, ensuring security across every touchpoint.