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Company size (employees)40+
Type of solutionSoftware


NG Firewall is a complete UTM solution designed to help even the smallest business to effectively protect itself from network threats and improper usage. It effectively manages every aspect of network health through a scalable and exceedingly cost-effective platform. The product covers virus threat management, bandwidth usage, and web filtering without negatively impacting the employee’s ability to access the information they need for maximum productivity.

The product greatly reduces the network administration time for IT by offering a simple interface with a 360-degree dashboard, so they can quickly view all aspects of the network. It removes the possibility of errors and oversights that might occur with management of multiple solutions, for example a standalone filtering solution with another WAN failover product. Instead, users of NG Firewall can stay ahead of problems by understanding them in real time, so solutions can be implemented quickly for minimal disruption. Frequent product updates ensure the product meets the challenges of the fast-changing world, for example by offering protections against the threats that come with mobile and remote workers.

How we are different

1. NG Firewall offers enterprise grade network security protection with the added flexibility of a complete UTM device. It’s accessible to businesses of varying sizes due to its simple dashboard and breadth of applications that offer a customizable feature set for businesses.

2. The solution provides complete UTM capabilities, including web filtering, dynamic bandwidth management, WAN failover functions, virus protection, and time-saving web caching functions.

3. Frequent product updates ensure NG Firewall provides clients with the latest attack definitions and streamlined functionality. The UI is consistently upgraded based on user needs and requests, and offers simple yet impactful reporting for complete network health visibility.