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In April 2015, Niara announced a $20 million Series B funding round led by Venrock with additional participants including New Enterprise Associates (NEA) and Index Ventures, bringing its total capital raised to $29.4 million.

In June 2015, the company launched from stealth, announcing its security analytics platform for attack detection and incident response. Niara’s security analytics platform automates the detection of attacks that have bypassed an organization’s perimeter defenses and dramatically reduces the time and skill needed to investigate and respond to security events. The solution applies machine learning algorithms and forensics to data from the network and security infrastructure to detect compromised users, entities, and malicious insiders, speed threat hunting efforts, and reduce the time for incident investigation and response by focusing security teams on the threats that matter. The Niara security analytics platform provides the most comprehensive solution available for detecting cyber attacks inside an organization.

In July 2015, Niara was named to The Channel Company’s 2015 CRN® Emerging Vendors List, which validated Niara’s introduction to the security analytics market as a key tool for identifying and investigating attacks within organizations, addressing the strong market demand driven by the growing complexity of cyber attacks.

The company also established a key partnership with Cloudera in July 2015, working with Cloudera Enterprise to deliver on big data security analytics to offer unprecedented visibility and context around sophisticated threats. Following this momentum, in September 2015, the company announced its integration with the HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Management (ESM) solution, allowing Niara to deliver results from its analytics and forensics modules to HP ArcSight ESM.

Leading analysts from firms including Gartner and Ovum have recognized Niara’s UEBA approach as a critical piece in detecting malicious and abusive activity that would otherwise go unnoticed, consolidating and prioritizing security alerts sent from other systems.

How we are different

• Legacy threat discovery and incident investigation tools are unable to prevent today’s sophisticated cyber attacks. Relying on rules and signatures, they are ineffective against unknown attacks, their architectures cannot scale to handle the massive volumes of data that need to be analyzed to detect these attacks and importantly, critical data that provides context and insights is spread across multiple siloed systems, if it has been captured at all. As a result, we are continuously reading about attacks going undetected for months, if not years.

• Niara’s security analytics platform can leverage the information in a large variety of data (i.e., packets, flows, logs, files, alerts, threat feeds) to accurately and automatically surface attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed by existing security monitoring systems, including SIEMs, to accurately discover compromised users and malicious insiders, speed threat hunting efforts and reduce the time for incident investigation and response. Niara is built on a big data architecture, making machine learning-based analytics and rich forensics that were previously limited to companies with large security budgets openly available to many more. The platform also provides very creative and intuitive visualizations, making it easy for analysts of all experience levels to observe anomalies and patterns without having to search across siloed systems.

• Niara is engaged with numerous customers in diverse verticals - financial services, high tech, healthcare, retail, legal, and energy - across various stages from proof of concept (POC) to production deployment.