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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Despite vendor promises to the contrary and significant spending, security and intelligence teams find themselves saddled with threat data – not intelligence – leaving them unable to answer critical questions to combat motivated and sophisticated adversaries.

Nisos is transforming how cyber intelligence enables organizations to disrupt motivated and sophisticated adversaries. We are the Managed Intelligence company. We deliver multi-source intelligence combined with a client- specific data pipeline powered by expert analysis to delivering intelligence specific to our client’s organizations. Our client-direct intelligence pairs Nisos experts and their deep understanding of the adversarial mindset with the Nisos’ intelligence platform to provide timely, actionable and relevant intelligence that guides our clients in the identification, unmasking, and disruption of motivated and sophisticated adversaries.

Our Managed Intelligence team serves blue-chip clients who require help finding, investigating, and attributing and unmasking adversaries that are targeting them, their personnel, their vendors, and their platforms. Our services address 6 major intelligence domains and use cases:
Cybersecurity Intelligence
Fraud Intelligence
Platform Intelligence
Protective Intelligence
Reputation Intelligence
Third-Party Intelligence

How we are different

1) Traditional threat intelligence vendors decided the questions that they want to answer. based on the broadest possible applicability. If that aligns to a question that you have, great if it doesn’t it will never meet your needs. Nisos focuses on client-driven and specific intelligence. Unlike traditional CTI vendors who focus on generic and broad-based intelligence datasets, Nisos identifies, curates, and analyzes client-specific datasets to derive intelligence that is timely, relevant, and actionable..
2) Nisos has scaled the ability to answer client-specific and client-directed questions. Working with the client, we identify the client questions that need to be answered and then scale collection and analysis to answer them
3) Threat Intelligencer has not yet become a managed service. Nisos is leading this evolution by combining multisource intelligence, client-driven requests for information, and expert analysis to guide our clients in the identification, unmasking, and disruption of motivated and sophisticated adversaries.