Nisos Adversary Insights® RFI Subscription

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService


Nisos Adversarty Insight RFI Subscription delivers insights into threat actor behavior, motivations, plans, and intentions that exist outside of a client’s environment. Using our diverse in-house tools and expertise, Nisos provides the answers organizations need to identify, stop, and prevent increasingly sophisticated adversaries. Nisos’ Adversary Insights Subscription leverages our multi-source intelligence capabilities to provide actionable, timely, and relevant analysis in the following intelligence domains:
ƒ Cyber Threat Intelligence
ƒ Fraud Intelligence
ƒ Platform Intelligence
ƒ Protective Intelligence
ƒ Reputation Intelligence
ƒ Third-Party Intelligence

Nisos helps clients investigate adversaries throughout the full intelligence lifecycle. Intelligence tasking allows us to investigate specific threats relevant to an organization through curated, multi-faceted, global, proprietary and licensed information – scaling up or down our services to meet evolving needs and requirements.

In addition to providing intelligence that allows clients to maintain confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and networks, Nisos provides context that helps inform and prioritize risk mitigation.

When warranted, we can perform real attribution and unmasking. We collect data that, when paired with our expert adversarial mindset, provides finished intelligence to detect, disrupt, and prevent adversary operations.

This enables organizations to determine if they are a target of opportunity or direct target of attack, which allows them to take action up to, and including, legal or law enforcement intervention. The actionable intelligence provided speeds theability to resume normal business operations with the least disruption.

Clients send Nisos RFIs, taskers, or questions and receive back fast, expert insights. We ‬leverage our robust analytic methodology and tech stack to collect, store, enrich, and integrate global and client-specific data from a large variety of sources and data lakes.

Our work helps arm internal team with the intel they need to work faster and with more accuracy.

How we are different

Intellience Expertise
Nisos' delivers broad intelligence expertise, including depth in multiple intelligence disciplines, as well as technical and investigative experience.

RIght-Sized and Actionable Analysis
Nisos delivers relevant research and actionable analysis for rapid and precise response to client inquiries.

Prioritized Recommendations
Nisos delivers detailed reports with recommendations, including prioritized actions, next steps, and key considerations.