Nisos Zero Touch Diligence®

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Type of solutionService


Nisos Zero TOuch Diligence provides deeper reporting on key partners and potential merger or acquisition candidates without the need for collaboration or resources from the target.

Zero TOuch Diligence helps clients meet challenges that exceed typical diligence capabilities. The service goes beyond reviews, questionnaires, and interview-based cyber diligence. We evaluate non-traditional business risks and combine automation and intelligence to give a better understanding of potential challenges and an organized list of risk-mitigating priorities.

Zero Touch Diligence provides maximum external visibility
Nisos delivers actionable, adversary-centric intelligence that goes beyond cybersecurity ratings. We provide insights into:

Cybersecurity Posture
Cybersecurity Risks
Reputational Challenges
Key Personnel Activity
We can gather all of this intel without network access or IT coordination.

CLients receive a comprehensive intelligence report that outlines and triages risks by criticality. Executive overviews and risk summaries will cover:

External Cybersecurity Posture Assessment
Brand Reputation Threat Discovery
Non-Traditional Business Risks
Derogatory Information and Press
Reports delivered will give clear indications of immediate and near-future risks.

How we are different

External Cybersecurity Posture Assessment
Analyzes information collected from a wide range of data sources to identify specific vulnerabilities in a target company’s network and infrastructure. Included in our report is a criticality assessment and recommendations for additional investigation or remediation into the following areas..
Indicators of current or past breaches
Mapping of the target company’s WAN and MPLS network infrastructure
Network ingress and egress points
Internal and external security products that may be in use
Patches and security protocol maturity
Malware infection frequency and duration
Efficacy of malware mitigation strategies
Geographic or business unit-based differences in security maturity across a company

Brand Reputation Threat Discovery
Assesses the extent of the acquisition target’s exposure by examining key data and individuals that may have been compromised. Senior executives and network administrators are often the targets of bad actors. Using our knowledge of dark web methodologies combined with commercial and proprietary tools, we identify risk factors that include:.
Breached credentials discovered in the dark web, open source, and social media
Exploitable software
Direct network access offers
Stolen intellectual property for sale
Chatter related to targeting the vendor company
Code or data in file sharing sites such as Github, Pastebin, etc.

Non-Traditional Business Risk
Non-traditional business risks can be discoverable digitally. Zero Touch Diligence includes a tailored aggregation system to gather relevant, publicly available, potentially sensitive information about the acquisition target. Analysis provided includes:
Criminal or derogatory information on key personnel or investors
Indications of hostile control or undue influence from criminal elements or potentially hostile nation states
Evidence of suspicious financial activity to include insider trading or embezzlement
Allegations of intellectual property theft, unethical practices, or whistleblower complaints