Noname Security API Security Platform

Additional Info

CompanyNoname Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


“Noname gives customers a Security Platform that secures APIs throughout their entire lifecycle so you can securely leverage the API revolution. Development and Security teams can share a platform that delivers the insights each needs to more effectively build secure apps and exchange sensitive information.

• With Noname’s Active Testing, development teams can test APIs using the same CI/CD tools they are accustomed to using to avoid altering existing workflows.

• Noname provides discovery and security posture management of APIs, finding and documenting every API in the customer’s environment, even shadow or rogue APIs.

• Noname Runtime analysis monitors the activity of all APIs, identifying changes in the APIs and reporting on attacks and other anomalous behavior so your team can act as needed, either manually or through automated response actions.

• Recon, lets you discover the API attack paths hackers could exploit before a security incident. Eliminate blindspots in your API attack surface without any integrations, installations, or implementations.”

How we are different

"Noname Security is the leader in the API security space and defines what API security means.
1. The most effective API posture management solution - Noname delivers the broadest collection of cloud partner and on-premises integrations for visibility into and protection of your entire API ecosystem.
2. Actionable, united, API insights for development and security teams - Only Noname gives you complete visibility into all your APIs, during development and in production, for simplified security alignment.
3. The most flexible deployment options - Only Noname can deploy to match your business requirements. Whether you have a private cloud, run on a public cloud (including multi-cloud environments), or use a hybrid of both approaches, we’ve got you covered."