Noname Security

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CompanyNoname Security
Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Noname Security protects APIs in real-time, detecting vulnerabilities and misconfigurations before they are exploited. The Noname API Security Platform is an out-of-band solution that is integrative with API gateways, load balancers, and WAFs to offer deeper visibility and security. As APIs have become a centerpiece in digital life, Noname’s approach provides proactive coverage for APIs that ensures hackers will not be the first to detect any misconfigurations or vulnerabilities. Unlike most solutions in the market today that rely solely on traffic analysis to pinpoint active attacks, Noname analyzes configuration, traffic and code to identify the broadest set of API vulnerabilities — including misconfigurations and design flaws. As enterprises build their business upon APIs, they have experienced a significant increase in API security incidents. With API usage on the rise, Noname’s product ensures that all APIs are securely covered, protecting organizations from all potential API-related vulnerabilities.

How we are different

Noname Security sets itself apart with a new type of API security solution designed for real time protection and updates, equipped with the most cutting edge technologies to protect APIs proactively. Noname has security built in from the start, allowing for updates in real time to protect ongoing software development. This proactive approach solves an unmet need in the market and additional challenges that business leaders have experienced heavily within the past year. Noname Security has outpaced all other API security providers in API posture management, runtime security, and API testing.
Noname’s approach to API security works in various ways, one of which being to discover all APIs, data and metadata. Noname is able to find rouge APIs that are not managed by an API gateway and catalogues that can discover threats. Noname analyzes these behaviors and detects the API threats by using AI-powered automated detection to identify the set of vulnerabilities. Noname then prevents attacks by actively testing APIs before the production stage. API testing has become part of the software development life cycle to identify issues before they become vulnerabilities.
As the use of APIs continues to expand in 2022, the need for security provided by Noname will only increase. In 2019 we saw that 83% of web traffic was initiated via API, and in 2020 we saw a 49% increase in API call volume. With this in mind, the impressive nature of the technical achievement on display through Noname’s solution, as well as the validation in its quality and effectiveness as evidenced by its rapid investment and customer growth, cannot be understated.