North Dakota K-20W Team

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Job title of nominated professional (or team name)North Dakota K-20W Team
Company (where nominated professional or team is working)North Dakota State Government / North Dakota State University
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
CountryUnited States
Headquarters RegionNorth America


The North Dakota K-20W initiative is a whole-of-government initiative to ensure that students across the state of North Dakota receive cybersecurity education at all levels of their education. The initiative has brought together leaders and representatives from numerous state agencies including Governor’s cabinet members, the Department of Public Instruction, workforce development and the North Dakota University System. A variety of of private sector firms have also participated. Key initiatives have included:
* North Dakota EduTech has offered dozens of training sessions for hundreds of teachers on computing and cybersecurity topics
* The North Dakota State University has added a cybersecurity education focus to its Computer Science Ph.D. program
* The North Dakota Department of Public Instruction developed standards for computing and cybersecurity instruction
* North Dakota K-12 schools and colleges and universities have participated in numerous competitions including the SANS Girls Go CyberStart program, the National Cyber League and Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition.
* Partnerships have been developed between North Dakota educational institutions with NICERC, Girls Who Code, CompTIA, Cisco,, the National Center for Women & IT, the SANS Institute, Palo Alto Networks and others

The initiative has produced numerous benefits for the state including enhanced educational opportunities for students, new internship and apprenticeship opportunities, over $100,000 in equipment and supply donations, student prize winnings and a greater public awareness of cybersecurity within the state.

Initiative members have been contacted by others around the country who are looking to replicate portions of the initiative and have been invited to present on the initiative to multiple other states and organizations.


A nation-leading whole-of-government approach is being used that serves as a model for others. A 'collation of the willing,' this initiative has brought a wide variety of stakeholders together because of the benefits that it provides them, their members and their constituents.
The group has produced numerous collaborations between public-sector, commercial and other private-sector firms that have benefited computing and cybersecurity education throughout the state.
The group has been recognized for the benefits that it has produced and as a innovative way to produce benefits through public-sector collaboration and also between the public and private sectors.