Nucleon Strategic Cyber Intelligence

Additional Info

CompanyNucleon Cyber
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Nucleon specializes in providing clients the ability to block threats before they reach the existing network security measures.
by collecting and analysing the most dangerous current threats on the internet, Nucleon is able to provide strategic and tactical intelligence to organisations.
Using Nucleon technologies organisations are able to add a new security layer of protection, complementing the current cyber security measures.
By innovating how cyber threat intelligence is being collected, analysed and delivered to the clients Nucleon offers to organisations having a reliable stream of security feeds predicting indicators of new attacks and enabling organisations to identifying and defending cyber attacks outside the network.

Nucleon is collecting its data from its own unique sources that are using patented technology called polymorphic sensors.
Polymorphic sensors are part of what allows Nucleon to provide fast and reliable intelligence about current threats.
By using highly advanced technologies of data Learning and machine learning, Nucleon is able to identify and track 0 day malware at the fastest speed without human intervention.
Nucleon offers a complete framework to deal with cyberthreats by utilising threat intelligence correctly.

Organizations and governments realise today that having large teams of security analysts trying to handle the flood of information on the internet to gather threats is not enough, companies like Nucleon can provide the intelligence needed for analysts to do their work quicker and more efficiently and allow the clients keep focusing on its core matters.

How we are different

* Nucleon developed its own Artificial Neural Network which enables it to produce one of its kind results, being able to detect, identify and alert about known and unknown cyber security threats without requiring human intervention.

* Nucleon patents allows to work closely with hardware and software vendors to produce highly sophisticated and unique polymorphic sensors.

* 0% False Positive, Nucleon never reach out to the internet searching for information. Nucleon Cyber Threat Intelligence is based on its own network of Polymorphic sensors which enables it to collect and process information and transform into details actionable intelligence that can be integrated with all leading cyber security vendors.