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Company size (employees)100+


Onapsis is the first-mover and thought leader in this market: 1) First to lecture on SAP cyber security threats (BlackHat 2007) and Oracle business applications (2010). 2) Created industry’s leading SAP/Oracle Security Research Team with 15+ full-time researchers, uncovering and fixing hundreds of security vulnerabilities to date. 3) Solutions built upon 9+ years of intensive research. 4) Developed first open source SAP/ERP Penetration Testing tools. 4) Lectured at 80+ security events in 20+ countries (RSA, BlackHat, SANS, API, FBI Infragard, SAP, etc.). 5) Regularly featured in mainstream media publications such as WSJ, CSO, etc. 6) Trusted by 200 global customers. 7) Awarded U.S. Patent No. 9,009,837 in April 2015 entitled “Automated Security Assessment of Business-Critical Systems and Applications,” describing algorithms and capabilities powering OSP™ and Onapsis X1™ software. 8) Hired experienced management team includes executives from EMC, IBM, Microsoft, RSA, PTC, and Sophos.

How we are different

1) LATEST WIN: Marathon Petroleum Corporation operates in almost 20 states, spanning six refineries with the capacity to process about 1.1 million barrels of crude oil per day. It sells refined products at some 5,100 Marathon-branded gas stations and through retail subsidiary Speedway SuperAmerica's 1,350 outlets; holds stakes in 4,500 miles of pipeline; is one of the largest asphalt and light oil product terminal operators in the US; distributes petroleum products wholesale to private-brand marketers, large commercial and industrial consumers. Challenge: Marathon needed to protect its 9 SAP systems from cyber threats. As a petroleum company, MPC was concerned that cyber criminals and foreign governments could access the crown jewels of the organization, causing immeasurable harm to the company. Solution: MPC purchased the full Onapsis Security Platform stack for all 9 production systems. Intended Result: Lock down the SAP landscape and monitor for persistent threats.

2) Having doubled revenue over the last two years, Onapsis is achieved a Y/Y growth rate of 137% in 2014 over 2013 and is on track to achieve 130% Y/Y growth rate in 2015 over 2014. With a strong pipeline, market alignment and the industries most advanced solution Onapsis is also projecting a similar growth percentage in 2016.

3) Onapsis is backed by world-renowned investors and venture capital firms. In June, 2014 Onapsis raised nearly $10M and in September, 2015 raised $17M in funding led by .406 Ventures to expand security solutions for business-critical applications. The full list of investors include: 1) .406 Ventures 2) Evolution 3) Schlumberger 4) Arsenal and Endeavor 5) Marcos Galperin, CEO of MercadoLibre, Inc.: