OneLogin Virtual LDAP

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CompanyOneLogin, Inc.
Company size (employees)180
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LDAP directories are the lifeblood of a company’s information technology (IT) systems, since they are used to authenticate users into a wide range of applications. But for many IT departments tasked to focus on new initiatives to transform the business, maintaining LDAP directories can be become a burden. Companies need a way to address new initiatives without overlooking critical systems such as LDAP.

OneLogin Virtual LDAP replaces on-premise LDAP with LDAP servers running in the cloud. It is a high availability, scalable LDAP service designed to support Hybrid Enterprises — businesses with a mix of cloud services and on-premise infrastructure. To better support this hybrid model, OneLogin’s Virtual LDAP service enables companies to unify multiple corporate directories, while protecting on-premise and off-premise applications and devices for all users across the enterprise.

Here is how it works — OneLogin Virtual LDAP integrates with the company’s VPN, network-attached storage (NAS), older web servers and Wi-Fi, giving IT administrators the power to use identities from cloud directories such as Azure AD, Workday, and Google Apps, as well as identities from on-premise Active Directory and existing LDAP servers. OneLogin Virtual LDAP provides secure multi-factor authentication by integrating with MFA services from RSA, Duo, Google, and others.

The benefits are numerous. IT administrators can focus on high priority initiatives without having to worry about maintaining the company’s LDAP directories. Companies can embrace the cloud, while continuing to use a proven protocol such as LDAP for special use cases. For these reasons, OneLogin VLDAP lets companies adopt cloud identity management in complex environments with legacy on-premise software and integrations.

How we are different

1. Simple - OneLogin Virtual LDAP allows enterprises to sync users from multiple directories to create a single, unified directory. Every user is assigned a OneLogin-specific Distinguished Name regardless of where the user resides, which gives IT administrators the power to use OneLogin as a simple, streamlined LDAP directory for their account, saving them time and resources.

Further, OneLogin Virtual LDAP supports any LDAP integration without the need for an on-premise LDAP server, which means OneLogin can serve as a company’s only directory.

2. Secure - OneLogin offers Virtual LDAP and LDAPS for safeguarding user credentials. This gives IT administrators the means to use OneLogin’s integrated service to replace older, unsecure LDAP integrations that companies have on-premise.

In addition, customers can require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for VLDAP. Selecting this option means that in addition to providing a password when logging in via VLDAP, users will also be required to provide a one-time password (OTP). Companies can specify their how they want MFA to be enforced, whether it’s for all users or for those with a specific role.

3. Scalable - OneLogin Virtual LDAP scales in the cloud. Unlike other solutions that only allow you to store so much before you need to purchase another server, with OneLogin companies can keep adding users and allow OneLogin to worry about scaling out. With over ten million user identities stored in OneLogin, four datacenters on two continents, and over 99.99% availability over the past 12 months, OneLogin has proven it understands how to build a scalable, reliable identity cloud.