Additional Info

CompanyOntinue, the MDR division of Open Systems
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionService


A fully secure environment is a more innovative one. Ontinue ION sets the new standard for MXDR services and is built to increase overall security program maturity, efficacy and scalability. The ION service brings together the cloud-native ION platform and the ION Cyber Defense Center, a 24/7 globally distributed security operation staffed by experts including the company’s teams of Cyber Advisors and Cyber Defenders. The ION platform integrates advanced automation and real-time collaboration capabilities from the recent acquisition of Tiberium, a highly automated managed security services provider based on Microsoft security solutions. These capabilities power several innovations that elevate ION over other MXDR services and make it the MXDR service of choice for Microsoft security customers.
Customers can realize the following benefits from the Ontinue ION platform:
• Accelerated security program maturity: the efficacy and scalability of customers’ security programs is improved by continually applying lessons learned to adapt and change for the future to increase efficacy.
• Detect and respond fast—really fast: AI-driven automation and real-time collaboration eliminates noise, focuses efforts and helps respond to threats without negatively impacting business operations.
• Operationalizing Microsoft investments: ION is purpose-built to fully leverage every component of the Microsoft security and collaboration ecosystem, unlike other MXDR services
• Applying a SecOps force multiplier: The ION Cyber Defense Center brings together security experts, PhD data scientists and software developers to execute, measure and optimize security operations.

How we are different

Collaboration: Security is a team sport that requires Security, IT and even end users to be on the same page at all times. The Ontinue ION platform introduces a fundamentally different approach to the traditional customer interaction model. Instead of yet another ticketing system or portal, Ontinue ION embeds into Microsoft Teams to deliver critical dashboards to key stakeholders and enable real-time collaboration and access to information on any device at any time.

Automation: Automation is the key to speed, accuracy and consistency. Ontinue leverages data science and AI to model expert cyber defender behavior and find opportunities for process optimization and automation. The result is fully automated threat detection, investigation and response for 70% of high severity incidents, and semi-automated workflows to help Tier 2 and Tier 3 defenders resolve more complex threats faster.

Prevention: Every security team wants to be more proactive. Ontinue ION integrates continuous assessment and prevention activities into a virtuous lifecycle with reactive detection and response activities. Designated Cyber Advisors leverage insights from resolved incidents and threat hunts to prioritize prevention efforts that improve a customer’s security score, while Cyber Defenders prioritize incidents and responses based on information gathered during assessment activities.