Onward Security Corporation

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Company size (employees)50 to 99
Headquarters RegionAsia


Onward Security is a leader in developing security technology. It provides security, defense, and response from threats to information, distribution, and network systems on the connected devices battlefield within both government and industrial sectors.

Onward Security establishes Security Assessment Labs to provide security service and assessments for users. The security services and automatic security testing products specialize in evaluating, find Zero-day vulnerabilities (CVE IDs), and fulfill international standards to assure consumer products and reduce the possible loss of security defects.

The professional research and development team as a pioneer in the field of cybersecurity is devoted to executing the security assessment. Except for providing the service for the customers, the Onward team also has cooperated with industry and institutions to develop the research technology and the improvement of the industry.

Onward Security is the only one professional provider in Taiwan who has done the cybersecurity drills about 300 times. Besides, more than 200 connected devices have been tested and 2,000+ vulnerabilities are discovered in the wireless router, DSL modem, switch, NAS, IP camera, smartphone, and internet TV.

Onward Security develops and improves its technologies and testing tools through accumulated experience of product security assessment, security consulting service, R&D capabilities.

Onward’s core value is to keep providing professional, trusted, high quality and innovative security services and tools. With the onward’s security assessment and service, it always helps the customers to solve the security problem with minimized cost and create outstanding quality for our customers.

How we are different

- Provide an outstanding security assessment with comprehensive analysis for users to discover the vulnerabilities of their products and reduce the loss of security risks.

- Save up the labors and make the affordable payment to obtain our professional security service.

- Keep developing the security techniques and acquire the international security certification to help the customers check if their product and service comply with security regulations.