Onyxia Cyber, Cybersecurity Defense Planning and Optimization (CDPO) Platform

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CompanyOnyxia Cyber
Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Onyxia provides an essential solution that adds much-needed automation to a CISO’s cybersecurity management workflow. Our Cybersecurity Defense Planning and Optimization (CDPO) platform collects and analyzes data from the organization’s entire security ecosystem. Based on the analysis, we provide the CISOs with continual program assessment and benchmarking, automated reporting, and meaningful insights regarding their program performance.

Onyxia delivers powerful predictive insights and data intelligence so that CISOs can proactively ensure organizational compliance, improve risk management, and align their security initiatives with business goals.

In the short time since we officially launched, August 2023, Onyxia has begun working with the CISOs of industry-leading companies across a variety of sectors, been recognized by Gartner as an official CDPO sample vendor, and has introduced numerous features, like a NIST 2.0 Performance Dashboard and a Security Stack Map, to help CISOs better plan and optimize their cybersecurity programs.

Key Capabilities / Features

Security Program Assessment and Benchmarking
Our AI-powered CDPO platform allows CISOs to easily measure and customize cybersecurity performance indicators (CPIs), see how their security program is performing, and identify any gaps. CISOs can measure their company's security posture against its own past performance and against the full scope of industry-wide performance, including those of different domains and sectors.

ROI Optimization & Cost Optimization
With a clear picture of how much budget a CISO has available to spend and where their resources are currently invested, CISOs can now optimize budget spending and prioritize investments based on actionable intelligence and reliable data.

Business Outcome Reporting
CISOs can generate customized reports to communicate and justify strategic decisions, address cyber risk committees, and demonstrate board use cases.

Cutting-Edge AI Integration
Leveraging AI technology, we can ensure a more precise and comprehensive assessment of cybersecurity performance. The platform automates the collection of key security program metrics, allowing CISOs to apply a data-driven approach to their cyber strategy.

Mobile Application
We ensure clients can track their organization's top CPIs anytime and anywhere. By seamlessly integrating with leading security solutions, we provide a centralized view for managing the security program. The app also has tailored, real-time alerts on immediate threats and industry news from a robust set of sources.

Security Stack Map and Asset Coverage Analyzer
We can chart a CISOs security stack to a compliance-aligned coverage map enabling them to quickly find blind spots in their security program coverage and avoid product redundancy. Additionally, we enable our clients to easily measure and compare security tool coverage across all the devices in their environment to ensure that there are no gaps or overlaps.

How we are different

Utilization of AI – We are using AI to provide a deeper analysis of a user's data. Using this analysis, we share valuable insights into program performance and projected trends based on current SLAs. The use of AI to provide insights into performance is innovative and new, as is accurately projecting trends based on current SLAs. With the use of AI, we can quickly provide accurate and predictive analysis based on existing program data to help security leaders mitigate risks and prevent future crises.

Customization and Personalization – We give CISOs the ability to adjust what and how metrics are tracked, personalize the security stack map to add products outside of their program, and create detailed and visualized reports that align with the message they want to present. With these customization abilities we provide CISOs with a uniquely personal and relevant user experience.

A Complete Mobile Version of Our Platform – Onyxia is the only company currently that offers CISOs a dedicated mobile app enabling them to have complete visibility into their program anytime and anywhere. This is a drawing point for CISOs who appreciate constant access to the status of their programs.