Open Systems of Switzerland

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Company size (employees)150
Headquarters RegionEurope


Open Systems has outperformed the security market. According to Frost & Sullivan research, the European MSSP market grew 13.5% year-on- year in 2015 to reach US$3.63 billion. Our 2015 revenue grew around 20% compared to 2014. Frost & Sullivan state “This financial performance is the result of Open Systems’ focus on delivering value to its customers”.
Our fully managed services are world leading. We have created the unique Mission Control managed service operations that gives our customers 24×7, 365 days per year eyes on screen, with our top trained service level 3 engineers. Our Mission Control service also gives full network visibility to our clients, via our innovative portal that includes full reporting access. This gives full transparency and access to our customers, alongside ensuring the secure stability for our customers ICT infrastructure around the clock.
We have also created a one box solution that covers Network Security, Application Delivery, Global Connectivity, and Identity Management, enabling customers to deal with one provider and team of service engineers via our integrated service team (Mission Control by Open Systems). This single point contact is better for customers because they no longer have to deal with multiple providers. This saves them time, money and gives them a consistent quality service level across all their connected operations.
In addition to the above, we have achieved a true global footprint with our coverage, and this serves our multinational customs and prospects well. Our world-class engineers have deployed our services in over 180 countries that include remote areas in China and Iran. This demonstrates our infrastructure expertise and exceptional engineering capabilities.

Winner of the “Enterprise” award by Swiss venture club initiated by Credit Suisse, Ernst & Young, Swisscom and McKinsey & Co

Recipient of “Positive” rating and recognized as a leader for Managed Security Services in Europe by Gartner

How we are different

Open Systems has been recognized by Frost & Sullivan for our strength in retaining existing customers and our performance regarding customer experience compared to other IT- or Telecom-based MSSPs.

Frost & Sullivan also found that "Open Systems continuously improves by integrating customer feedback that leads to direct changes to product features or the service model."

We save our customs valuable time with our one box solution and our customer-focused level 3 engineers and support staff, which means customer enquiries are addressed by the best engineers from the first point of contact. This is different to others in the market as issues are usually escalated from the first level 1 support desk to level 3 support staff.