OpenText Cybersecurity: BrightCloud

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CompanyOpenText Cybersecurity
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


The threat landscape continues to evolve in terms of the volume, speed, sophistication, and persistence of attacks, rendering static and list-based antivirus solutions ineffective. Constant monitoring and rapid identification of threats is essential to building and maintaining a strong layered security approach.   
OpenText offers a proprietary threat detection and intelligence platform called BrightCloud that uses sixth generation machine learning to identify and protect against malicious URLs, IPs, files, and mobile apps. BrightCloud integrates accurate, near real-time threat intelligence to provide exceptional protection for endpoints and networks. It utilizes advanced machine learning and over 95 million sensors, including real-world end user devices, to re-evaluate tens of millions of active threats every day and publish new threats within five minutes of detection. BrightCloud’s artificial intelligence is based on deep learning, allowing it to identify relevant patterns and concepts more accurately and autonomously within large amounts of data.
BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services can be used by technology partners and customers to enhance the efficacy of existing security features, perform better in competitive evaluations, and win incremental business. It offers a range of services, including Web Classification, which enforces HR and compliance policies while protecting users from malicious and undesirable content, and Streaming Malware Detection, which adds an additional layer of protection by detecting malware as it streams through a network-edge device. BrightCloud Cloud Service Intelligence also enables Cloud Access Security Brokers (CASBs) and other technology vendors to prevent unsafe, unsanctioned, unwanted, or noncompliant usage of cloud services and applications.
An estimated 85% of security solutions purchased by enterprises use BrightCloud Threat Intelligence, making it a trusted and widely used platform in the industry. Its strong coverage model and historical records, combined with its use of sophisticated mathematical models to analyze data, make it a valuable tool for detecting and preventing threats in real-time.

How we are different

• BrightCloud has four key elements that differentiate it from other solutions within the market: visibility, advanced machine learning algorithms, publishing speed, and real-time scoring and insights from a wide range of high-quality input sources. Its sixth-generation machine learning approach is highly sophisticated and self-improving.
• BrightCloud Threat Intelligence Services harnesses the power of advanced machine learning and more than 95+ million sensors, including real-world end user devices. BrightCloud re-evaluates tens of millions of active threats every day and publishes new threats within five minutes of detection.
• Another key differentiator of BrightCloud is contextual intelligence. Contextual relationships enable predictive intelligence and provides evidence behind a conviction.