OpenText Cybersecurity: Webroot Advanced Email Threat Protection

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CompanyOpenText Cybersecurity
Company size (employees)10,000 or more
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionSoftware


Email remains the primary approach cyber attackers use to exploit organizations. Therefore, having secure and efficient email threat protection is critical for businesses and individuals.
OpenText Cybersecurity offers Webroot Advanced Email Threat Protection to help businesses keep their email communication secure. With multi-layered defenses against various types of cyber threats, including phishing, Business Email Compromise, spoofing, and ransomware, for both inbound and outbound emails, user productivity, security, and compliance is increased in an ever-changing digital world. It also includes advanced features such as link protection with time-of-click analysis, attachment disarming and sandboxing, identity protection, and O365 message retraction. In addition, email continuity helps keep communication flowing and employees productive during Infrastructure disruptions for up to 30 days, while email message privacy allows for secure sharing of large files up to 100 GB, e-signatures and email rights management.
Our email security solution also includes email encryption, which automatically encrypts any email sent using our platform, thereby reducing time and effort on the part of senders and recipients, boosting productivity. It also provides data loss prevention to prevent unauthorized users from sending sensitive information external to the organization. The email security console is a cloud-native architecture that enables vendors and businesses of all sizes to secure their modern workplaces.
Advanced Email Threat Protection, a key component of the Webroot email security portfolio, has high detection and accuracy rates and includes features such as attachment quarantine and link protection. Attachment quarantine performs forensic analysis on attachments in a secure, cloud-based sandbox environment and delivers a disarmed version of the files by removing macros or converting them to PDF. Link protection rewrites all links to safe versions and performs time-of-click analysis on the destination address. Based on testing, users are either automatically redirected to a safe site or provided with a warning for suspicious sites.

How we are different

• Webroot Advanced Email Threat Protection delivers multi-layered defenses against ransomware, phishing, spoofing, BEC, impersonation and spam for both inbound and outbound emails.
• It also includes advanced threat protection features such as Link Protection with Time-of-Click-Analysis, Attachment Disarming/Sandboxing, Identity Protection, and O365 Message Retraction to protect against malicious cybercriminal activity.
• With a phishing detection rate of 99.9%, threat, Malware, ransomware, etc. detection rate of 100%, and accuracy rate of 99.994%, our multi-layer filtering engine delivers an extraordinary level of accuracy that reduces both false negatives (bad emails getting in) and false positives (good emails kept out). This reduces the time you spend managing the system and reduces friction for users.