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Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionHybrid


Removable (USB) media and transient devices present a risk since they may contain infected files, malware in hidden partitions, and malicious hardware/firmware. And business stakeholders require access to industrial operational data; however, this breaks network segmentation and air-gaps, exposing the OT/ICS environments to vulnerabilities.

OPSWAT solutions enable safe and compliant usage of removable media, transient devices and enforce unidirectional data transfers.

MetaDefender Kiosk serves as a digital security checkpoint, meticulously inspecting all media for malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data. Positioned at physical entry points, it acts as a frontline defense for secure facilities.

MetaDefender Managed File Transfer facilitates secure file storage and retrieval, allowing remote uploads and transfers across network segments in conjunction with Kiosk for enhanced threat prevention.

For inspecting transient devices, MetaDefender Drive offers a portable USB-based solution to detect malware, vulnerabilities, and sensitive data prior to entering or exiting an organization. It is particularly useful for devices lacking direct security solutions, offline scenarios, or to mitigate supply chain threats.

MetaDefender Endpoint blocks unauthorized removable media usage and conducts malware scans before allowing file transfers to internal systems. It can enforce the use of only approved media processed by MetaDefender Kiosk.

MetaDefender Media Firewall is a plug-and-play hardware device that ensures removable media is only utilized if approved by Kiosk, suitable for ICS/SCADA endpoints without requiring software installation.

MetaDefender NetWall facilitates secure real-time OT data access and transfers, employing unidirectional security gateways for IT-OT data flows while supporting secure data responses.

MetaDefender Industrial Firewall & IPS is an industrial security appliance and intelligent intrusion detection/prevention system safeguarding critical industrial assets.

Finally, MetaDefender OT Security offers AI-based visibility into OT assets and network activities, enabling effective threat prevention in IT/OT convergence scenarios, seamlessly integrating into existing systems without major modifications.

Key Capabilities / Features

Prevent breaches with Multiscanning: Malware continues to bypass defenses since cybercriminals develop increasingly sophisticated threats. OPSWAT ensures security and minimizes supply chain risks by leveraging 30+ antimalware engines, and file vulnerability assessment, preventing the introduction of unsafe files and binaries.

Protect Against Malicious Devices: Removable media and transient devices containing rogue firmware, malware in files/hidden partitions can directly compromise OT endpoints. OPSWAT prevents media and file-based attacks, enforces usage of trusted devices, and verifies all media and files have been scanned and approved.

Secure Multiple Content and Device Delivery Routes: OPSWAT serves as a secure channel protecting both inbound (ingress) and outbound (egress) delivery routes. Files can be uploaded over the internet, delivered across network segments, or transported via removable media. Every file and device being transferred is scanned to ensure its safety, and inspected to prevent the loss of sensitive information.

Enable Access to Industrial Data without Disruptions: Isolate your secured networks against attack propagation, while providing access to real-time OT/ICS data and enabling secure IT-OT data and file transfers. OPSWAT Unidirectional and Bilateral Security Gateways support a wide range of Industrial OT and corporate IT protocols, with complete reliability and no data loss.

How we are different

Vendor consolidation: OPSWAT enables organizations to consolidate their security vendors with our comprehensive suite of OT solutions that can integrate seamlessly.

Purpose-built technologies for critical industrial and OT environments: OPSWAT’s MetaDefender platform powers many of our solutions and leverages zero-trust technologies, including Multiscanning, Deep CDR, Proactive DLP, SBOM, sandbox, and more.

Easy to manage: OPSWAT is doubling down on a platform strategy that all our security solutions tailored to address specific deployments and use cases within critical infrastructure will be integrated by default to a central management platform named My OPSWAT. It is an example of our dedication to simplifying security management, offering users a centralized console for efficient tracking and management of multiple products. This centralized approach empowers users to manage, update, operate, respond, and remediate — all from a single pane of glass view.