OPSWAT Application Security

Additional Info

Company size (employees)500 to 999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


File uploads are a critical component of most web applications and services; however, they present a significant security risk since cybercriminals can compromise servers and entire systems with files. OPSWAT’s Web Application Security Solution incorporates OWASP best practices to mitigate threats with zero-trust technologies such as Proactive Data Loss Prevention (DLP), malware multiscanning, file-based vulnerability assessment, Deep CDR and more – ensuring organizations can easily implement our solution to address growing concerns around increased threats. OPSWAT’s Web Application Security solution detects malicious payloads, exploitable vulnerabilities, and hidden sensitive information in an easy-to-deploy, use, and monitor platform.

Further, OPSWAT offers plug and play integrations with existing infrastructures. For example, we offer ICAP integrations with WAFs and proxies that might already be deployed and out-of-the-box and customizable integrations with many cloud services providers like AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure etc. We support several OS and both Windows and Linux, and API, AMI, or container deployments to support traditional or micro-services architectures. By acting as a one-stop-shop for web application security, OPSWAT’s solution provides robust cybersecurity protection for organizations looking to mitigate file-upload threats. The single platform approach eliminates the need for multiple tools and solutions, therefore reducing operational costs and the time it takes to manage those disparate tools and processes and allowing security teams to spend more time on strategic efforts.

How we are different

We offer multiple deployment options that are scalable, easy to implement and maintain, that fit in easily with existing infrastructure of the critical infrastructure industries that we service.

We offer several flexible offers, with layer on modules to meet your needs and risk appetite/aversion. Our solutions enable organizations to customize solutions for uninterrupted workflows that are secure and flexible to meet their changing requirements.

We offer comprehensive cybersecurity through a single platform that results in a higher ROI, higher adoption, lower overhead, and fewer trained professionals needed to oversee complex systems.