Opticks: ad fraud prevention solutions

Additional Info

Company size (employees)10 to 49
Headquarters RegionEurope


Opticks provides leading brands, agencies and networks with unmatched antifraud solutions. Ever-evolving machine learning and proprietary fingerprinting technology monitors your incoming traffic and blocks all fraudulent traffic before it depletes your ad spend, pollutes your marketing analytics and harms the relationship with your partners.

How we are different

Opticks makes it extremely easy to block and track sophisticated online Ad Fraud. We are particularly proud of our:
-Unmatched fraud detection. Our proprietary algorithms detect the most advanced fraud techniques and Machine learning keeps our solutions ahead of fraudsters in this cat-and-mouse game.
-Seamless on-boarding. Our technology is easy to integrate in many different use cases, scenarios, and with different legacy systems. Our team supports our clients during the integration process, adapting to each use case and structure.
-Advanced fraud analytics. Unmatched level of granularity makes extremely easy to determine which sources are putting your business at risk and generate reports to share with your partners.