Penta Security Systems

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


Established in 1997, Penta Security Systems Inc. is South Korea’s leading cybersecurity firm. For over two decades, it has been specializing in the development of three core technologies: 1) web application firewall, 2) database encryption, and 3) authentication. It then applies these technologies to a variety of business areas, including enterprise security, IoT security (e.g. homes, factories, automobiles), as well as blockchain-based decentralized finance and data sharing solutions. With over 230 employees (over 600 including conglomerate), 60% of Penta Security’s human resources work in R&D, contributing to 86 registered patents, 58 domestic and international certifications, as well as 39 industry awards.

1) Web Application Firewall. Penta Security’s WAPPLES is a third-generation WAF with a logical rule-based detection engine. Introduced in 2005, WAPPLES has grown to become the most used WAF in Asia-Pacific, with distribution partners spanning from Asia to Europe.

2) Database Encryption. Penta Security’s D’Amo is a global pioneer in the making of database encryption solutions. D’Amo attaches to the database engine of the DBMS as a plugin, enabling column-level encryption after the data gets processed. D’Amo has been adopted by a number of major financial institutions and enterprises both within South Korea and abroad, as well as healthcare providers in Italy.

3) Authentication. Penta Security’s ISign+ is an appliance-type access and identity management solution that supports multi-factor authentication of all types along with single sign-on features. It is certified as an encryption module by the Korean National Intelligence Service.

Apart from its enterprise security package, Penta Security offers a wide range of security solutions for smart cities, power grids, factories, and automobiles. With blockchain technology, it provides a set of secured digital wallets for businesses and individuals. It is also the world’s pioneer in bringing MPC technology to business use.

How we are different

1) Unlike most WAFs in the market that runs on signature-based security policies, Penta Security’s WAPPLES uses a more logical and efficient approach. Its patented COCEP detection engine runs on dozens of rules instead of thousands of signatures, enabling maximized application performance. Artificial intelligence is used to analyze the syntax patterns of attacks before deducing a highly representative rule, so that a single rule can define as many attacks as hundreds of signatures can. To put it in perspective, based on internal tests conducted by Penta Security’s research team, on average, when WAPPLES is deployed with 27 rules in place, 95% of attacks are blocked - equivalent to the result of a signature-based WAF applying 8,000 signatures.

2) Penta Security is a respected authority in encryption technology. Over the years, it has developed the world’s first database encryption technology using query transformation method, the world’s first data security technology using characteristic preserving encryption, and the world’s first open-source database encryption solution.

3) Another point that sets Penta Security apart from its competitors is its constant drive to seek new potentials. Penta Security’s R&D team works closely with POSTECH, one of Asia’s top research universities in science and technology. This has made Penta Security a pioneer in blockchain-based digital wallets and the application of MPC technology. It also helped the company stay ahead of the game in IoT security, securing power grids in Northern Europe, utilities in Africa, and factories in Asia. Its connected car security solution AutoCrypt has grown to become the sole provider of automotive cybersecurity in Asia, and one of the five most competitive automotive cybersecurity firms in the world. (*AUTOCRYPT spun off to become a separate company from Penta Security in 2019.)