Penta Security Systems

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionAsia


As the leading cybersecurity solutions provider in South Korea, Penta Security specializes in the development of IT security solutions. With its application, data, and authentication security solutions, the company aims to help organizations and enterprises protect their data and prevent breaches. More than 60% of Penta Security’s employees are in R&D, which enables Penta Security to stay ahead of the competition by contributing to 89 international patents, 61 certifications, and 45 awards over the past 24 years.

1) Web Security: WAPPLES is now deployed in more than 700,000 websites across the world, strengthening its reputation as the first web security product in South Korea with an intelligent logic-based WAF detection engine. With a pool of 33 detection rules, organizations can choose the optimized combination that best fits their needs.

2) End-to-End Data Protection: One of the company’s data protection products, D’Amo, is the first format-preserving DB encryption technology solution to use the query conversion method and has more than 8,700 customers, making it the most used DB encryption product in South Korea.

3) Single Sign-On: The authentication product iSIGN+ is one of the first appliance-type SSO products and is deployed across more than 3,400 companies. The product offers at least 50% faster installation time and increased integration speed compared to competing solutions. Moreover, iSIGN+ is certified as an encryption module by the Korean National Intelligence Service.

Moreover, the company also focuses on pioneering new markets as its global market expansion strategy through its newest blockchain technology products including a set of secured digital wallets using D’Amo’s KMS (Key Management System) technology and an exclusive MPC (Multi-Party Computation) solution that runs on a cryptographic protocol.

How we are different

1) Security Update Guides and Patches

Penta Security sets itself apart from other competitors by providing up-to-date services to its customers. Recently, Penta Security’s web application firewall (WAF) product WAPPLES protected against Log4j vulnerability as soon as it was disclosed by Apache on December 9. Unlike other WAFs, WAPPLES itself is free from Log4Shell as none of its versions contain Log4j, thus the R&D team responded immediately by introducing a new attack pattern that enables the detection engine to identify the vulnerability. The company also releases annual threat reports and quarterly EDB/CVE analysis reports analyzed by Penta Security’s security evaluations team.

2) Over 20 Years of Experience

Founded in 1997, Penta Security is one of the first database security providers in South Korea. With its core technologies, the company has established a solid foothold in the industry by cooperating with government agencies, organizations, and enterprises. By covering all the bases of IT security, the company aims to provide optimized products and services to customers and empower them with seamless protection. Penta Security now has more than 4,000 clients and 40 worldwide partners across the world.

3) Global Presence as a Leading WAF Provider in the APAC Region

The company takes a holistic approach to cover all bases for IT security. It aims to work constantly to ensure the safety and security of its customers behind the scenes via its wide range of security products and solutions. As a result, the company was able to earn a global presence among organizations and enterprises and was also announced by Frost & Sullivan, a globally recognized market research and consulting firm, as the market leader amongst Web Application Firewall (WAF) Vendors in the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region for three consecutive years.