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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


In the digital age, websites and mobile apps are the front door to a company. They represent the brand, drive business and play key roles in overall success. While working to grow a digital business, enterprises need to safeguard from a variety of digital threats: account takeover (ATO), carding attacks, digital skimming, Magecart attacks, scraping, ad injections and click-jacking.

As developers rely more and more on open-source components and third-party scripts, more code vulnerabilities get introduced. With an average of $3.86 million lost in a modern data breach, $5.1 billion lost to ATO attacks in 2017, and over 20,000 domains recently hit by Magecart attacks, Silicon Valley-based PerimeterX acknowledges the prevalence and sophistication of these threats, proactively manages risks to security and compliance, and frees retailers to focus on sales growth and enhancing the customer experience.

PerimeterX was founded on its expertise at mitigating botnet attacks and limiting the damage they create for businesses. In 2019, they successfully parlayed this expertise into detecting client-side attacks as well.

Unlike other solutions, the PerimeterX platform protects enterprises against new threats not previously seen. PerimeterX uses machine learning to generate a constantly updated library of attack patterns based on interactions with applications, fingerprints from devices and network characteristics.

In 2019 the PerimeterX platform expanded to include:
– PerimeterX Bot Defender: A bot protection solution that safeguards modern web and mobile applications and APIs.
– PerimeterX Code Defender: A web application security solution that can effectively stop Magecart and other supply chain attacks.
– PerimeterX Page Defender: A client-side malware protection solution that blocks unwanted ads and scripts from redirecting web visitors so they can complete their intended path, resulting in more revenue for e-commerce sites and better brand experience.

How we are different

- Unmatched Accuracy: The PerimeterX platform is a highly accurate, self-learning solution with real-time decision-making capabilities. Bot Defender is the only bot management solution that accurately identifies and quantifies false positives in real time with a global rate of 0.01%. The new PerimeterX Human Challenge feature helps protect against advanced hyper-distributed attacks and is easy for humans to solve. Code Defender also accurately tracks and monitors behavior and changes in scripts across the entire website supply chain, leveraging advanced machine learning models to isolate anomalies in real time that could result in data exfiltration. Page Defender intelligently pinpoints ads that could impede the customer experience to provide the most streamlined user path possible.
- Deployment Flexibility: PerimeterX offers seamless and lightweight integration with existing web or mobile applications and infrastructure, including low-latency overhead without the need to install an in-line appliance or add a reverse proxy to the traffic flow. Native integration with dozens of third-party services from CDN to Analytics to SIEM enable customers full control of their bot mitigation strategy.
- Real-time Security Operations and Services: Since we are in a fierce arms race with ever-evolving and sophisticated attackers, we must complete any product with great support and services for our customers. PerimeterX offers best-in-class service and responsiveness, fully tailored onboarding and 24/7365 security analyst oversight. As a part of our offering we provide proactive threat management with a dedicated SOC and by engaging and partnering with customers in real-time through Slack channels. We see this as a key component of a long-term, successful relationship.