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CompanyCrimsonLogic Pte Ltd
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionSoftware


Phidélity is a document security solution that packs a suite of powerful security features, powered by AI and machine learning to protect documents from threats like forgery, counterfeit, and information leakage.

Phidélity is easy to use and ensures that issued documents retain their authenticity, enabling them to be trusted by other parties. Documents are protected by multiple layers of security, ensuring they are genuine, untampered with, and easily authenticated.

The Anti-Forgery features check for unauthorised alterations.
• SecureCODE: A QR Code using PKI encryption technology is embedded in the document. With the SecureCODE verifier mobile app, recipients scan the code to check its authenticity. The app works offline too.
• Accentuator: This add-on feature to the app automates the checking of a document’s integrity in real-time.
• CryptoMark: A lens-based feature that decodes the visually encrypted information embedded on the document. Only authorised persons with the right lens can decrypt the information.

The Anti-Counterfeit features guard documents from unauthorised reproduction.
• Optical Watermark: An anti-copy feature that reveals unauthorised attempts to copy a document.
• Transactional Micro-print: An extremely tiny string of dynamically generated fine print that appears distorted on a photocopy.
• Deliberate Error: Intentionally embedded errors at random locations by the original document owner which a counterfeiter would miss.
• Print Control: It enforces basic controls and restricts the number of copies that can be printed.
• Dynamic Background: A background with dynamic text generated specifically for each document. It appears faded on a photocopy.
• Dynamic Seal: A seal with dynamic text generated specifically for each document. Verify the document’s authenticity via the seal without special tools.

The Anti-Leakage features prevent the disclosure of confidential data.
• ID-Trace: An invisible identifier printed onto each document enables tracing back to the source of information leakage.
• Page Serialisation: A unique serial number is assigned to each page for traceability.

How we are different

1. Innovative
Phidélity safeguards the authenticity of documents with multiple layers complementary security features. Integrating advanced and patented security technologies with innovative ideas, Phidélity offers a powerful and flexible document security solution using only normal paper and a typical office laser printer with regular toner. With a keen focus on innovation to bring continuous value to customers, Phidélity has garnered 24 patents.

2. Proven track record
Phidélity has been adapted and deployed across various domains including:

• Government (e.g., licenses, permits, certificates)
• Cross-Border Trade (e.g., Certificates of Origin)
• Education (e.g., academic certificates)
• Judiciary (e.g., document attestation) and
• Commercial (e.g., invoices)

Phidélity has a successful track record in project implementations globally across 4 continents. Phidélity ensures that documents issued retain their authenticity, enabling these documents to be trusted by other parties. Documents protected by Phidélity are tamper-proof, saving organisations from potentially heavy financial and reputational losses.

Phidélity has garnered 5 awards, including the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance (APICTA) Award for the category of Security.

3. Easy to use
Phidélity integrates seamlessly with existing document generation applications and printing ecosystems. Using Phidélity is intuitive and requires minimal change in users’ printing behaviour.

Phidélity’s security features are on-demand and dynamically generated using document-specific data. Deployment is also flexible as Phidélity can be installed on-premises and on the cloud. Once deployed, verification of documents can be conveniently performed via a variety of online and offline channels.