Phishy Business (from Mimecast)

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Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionService


Phishy Business is a cybersecurity podcast. You can listen to all episodes here:

Every two weeks, Mimecast’s Brian Pinnock and Alice Jeffrey are joined by a special guest for tales of risk, reward and just a dash of ridiculousness.

Whether it’s a tech expert who is not your average CIO or an expert from a field you wouldn’t expect, we explore the lesser seen side of cybersecurity – to learn how we can all improve in the fight to stay safe.

We aim to entertain and inform our global audience by interviewing a wide range of experts from journalists, authors, social engineers, government officials, victims of cybercrime, remarkable women in tech, to CISOs and neuroscientists.

We cover topics such a ransomware, identity theft, diversity in tech, cyber insurance, cyber legislation, personal resilience, cybercrime investigations among many other topics.

How we are different

- We launched Phishy Business last year during the pandemic lockdown in 2020. With minimal investment (we bought two good microphones), we have created a solid show for a global tech audience. We are now on season two and have amassed nearly 7,000 unique listeners, in 26 countries. Our top three biggest audiences are in the UK, North America, and DACH region. 198 listeners on our Spotify platform listened to our show more than any other podcast.

- Our tone is informal, friendly, inquisitive, and personal. Our co-hosts embody Mimecast's values of being an empathetic leader in the sector. We aim to show the human side of cybersecurity, the great people in the industry, the experts, and the brave victims of cybercrime that have told us their stories. We are very editorial and highlight a broad range of industry to entertain and educate our listeners.

- Our podcast is also a great source of ungated thought leadership content for our sales teams and the industry at large. We promote our episodes on social media channel, on LinkedIn which so far has generated 270,553 impressions and 4,447 engagements (Clicks, Likes, Comments, Shares).