Ping Identity – Ping Intelligent IdentityTM platform

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CompanyPing Identity
Company size (employees)500 to 999
Type of solutionSoftware


The Ping Intelligent IdentityTM platform was purpose-built to address the sophisticated day-to-day challenges facing enterprises—such as securing complex hybrid IT environments and adhering to onerous privacy regulations—while simultaneously achieving broader security objectives like Zero Trust. While cloud migration and digital transformation are top initiatives for many large enterprises, Ping Identity doesn’t overlook the fact that 98% of enterprises still operate on-premises today. Ping Identity provides flexible solution deployment options to accommodate hybrid IT environments, while accelerating digital business initiatives with streamlined multi-factor authentication, single sign-on, access management, intelligent API security and data governance capabilities.

The Ping Intelligent IdentityTM platform is a comprehensive suite of products that deliver seamless and secure access to all applications, including PingID, PingAccess, PingFederate, PingDirectory, PingDataGovernance, PingIntelligence for APIs, and its newest solutions, PingOne for Customers, PingCloud Private Tenant and PingCentral. Together these products manage identity and profile data securely; provide strong password management tools and federated single sign-on capabilities; manage access security for both cloud and on-premises applications from a single management point; provide advanced multi-factor authentication capabilities; allow for auditing and discovery of any potential compliance violations, and more. With the recent additions of PingOne for Customers, PingCloud Private Tenant and PingCentral, the Ping Intelligent IdentityTM platform has expanded its services to help streamline identity and access management (IAM) and API security for the developer community, in private cloud environments and for business application teams respectively.

Ping Identity also partners with top technology providers to simplify secure access to enterprise applications and data. Ping Identity maintains a particularly strong partnership with Microsoft, including participation in the Microsoft Intelligent Security Association and the recent expansion of multi-factor authentication capabilities on Azure Active Directory. Other Ping Identity partners include Google, Accenture and KPMG.

How we are different

Ping Identity offers the only complete IAM solution for enterprise hybrid IT environments covering authentication, federation, authorization, auditing and account management. Ping Identity is also the only IAM provider to solve identity challenges for enterprises in all stages of cloud adoption, whether they’re 100% in the cloud, operating on-premises or managing hybrid environments.
Another primary advantage of the Ping Intelligent IdentityTM platform is its flexibility, scalability, rapid deployments and integrations—allowing companies to save money while having a very small team dedicated to keeping Ping Identity technology running. For example, one telecom customer in the U.S. saw an 80% reduction in infrastructure footprint when switching to Ping Identity, while also experiencing a 2X boost in performance. Similarly, Thomson Reuters adopted PingFederate while completely overhauling their original IAM system. This net out to $1.2 million cost saving from its original IAM system and cost $2.2 million less than a traditional IDaaS platform.
Additionally, PingIntelligence for APIs is the first security solution for APIs that leverages machine learning and AI to track and analyze behavior post-registration and post-login, and make adaptive decisions for businesses. It applies AI models to continuously inspect and report on all API activity, automatically discovering anomalous API traffic behavior across the enterprise. It was purpose-built to recognize and respond to attacks that fly under the radar of foundational API security measures, such as attacks from insiders gaining access to data they shouldn’t have.