Ping Identity’s PingOne Cloud Platform Streamlines and Simplifies Identity Management

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CompanyPing Identity
Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Headquarters RegionNorth America
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Ping Identity understands that in today’s digital-first landscape, security and identity solutions must be not only secure but simple to use. With every enterprise facing unique challenges at various stages in its digital transformation journey, the solutions they choose to secure the identities of customers and employees must be adaptable, vendor-agnostic, and easy to integrate into current systems.

That’s why the PingOne Cloud Platform gives enterprises control with solutions that seamlessly integrate with third parties, all while providing a frictionless digital experience for enterprise customers and employees. And because easy and simple digital experiences are now a leading driver of customer trust and loyalty, the newest addition to the Platform, PingOne DaVinci, offers groundbreaking orchestration that enables organizations to design better user experiences with drag-and-drop simplicity.

DaVinci streamlines the integration and deployment of identity services through a no-code experience that makes it easier to design digital user journeys across multiple applications and ecosystems. DaVinci is vendor-agnostic, allowing organizations to integrate and orchestrate identity services from a wide range of vendors. It features a library of 100+ out-of-the-box connectors for a range of identity, IT, and automation services.

With DaVinci, identity management evolves from a security initiative to a true business imperative. It empowers enterprises to design dynamic user journeys for any use case from a single design canvas. User journeys can now span the entire identity lifecycle including registration, verification, authentication, authorization, risk, fraud, privileged access, governance, and more.

This can all be done with zero technical background in a drag-and-drop, no-code format – expanding access to these improved digital experiences regardless of technical expertise. The PingOne Cloud Platform illustrates Ping Identity’s vision for the future of identity management. The future is integrated and agile so every identity can be secure without friction, regardless of the threats ahead.

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How we are different

- DaVinci’s orchestration capabilities are a unique differentiator in the industry. Providing users an exceptional and seamless digital experience is a competitive advantage but integrating multiple identity systems often become a roadblock for enterprises to effectively execute on this growing need. DaVinci’s no-code orchestration supports complex IT environments and allows anyone to design seamless and secure user experiences across an entire technology ecosystem. If you can whiteboard it, you can orchestrate it. That’s why over half of the Fortune 100 trust Ping for their integrated across SaaS, legacy and on-premises apps.

- DaVinci allows enterprises to deliver personalized digital experiences unlike ever before - the simple registration and tailored interactions across all digital properties drives engagement and reduces friction to keep customers coming back long-term. It allows enterprises to give their customers full control of their personal data, making customer privacy a competitive differentiator by consistency capturing and enforcing consent. This ensures data is safely shared between applications while allowing businesses to manage the terms of service. For the workforce, DaVinci enables employees to be more efficient by connecting any user to any app on any device whether they’re at home, in the office, or anywhere in between. Using centralized adaptive authentication, employees are kept secure, productive and happy.

- Over half of individuals surveyed worldwide would switch to a competitor who provides an easier online experience - the time is now to earn their trust and loyalty. DaVinci allows enterprises to streamline logic across the entire security stack so users can have a frictionless experience on all of their devices. From passwordless login via QR code to passcodes to biometrics, DaVinci allows seamless integration with all apps and services, regardless of the vendor, without locking you in.