PKWARE’s PK Protect

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Type of solutionHybrid


PKWARE’s PK Protect with data governance capabilities ensures high data quality across the entire data lifecycle, including data controls that support business objectives: where data originated, where it’s going, and who is using it. Data security governance is essential to creating consistent and proper data handling and understanding where specific data exists within the organization. PKWARE has several specific tools to do this:

• PK Discovery is purpose-built to detect sensitive and private data on structured, unstructured and cloud, then perform protection on everything it finds based on assigned policies. The tool takes what is typically an intensive manual process and automates it. It then provides on-demand sensitive data information that can be easily managed by existing data cataloging solutions.

• PK Classification provides additional access control based on the organization’s definitions and enables enforcement. The tool gives administrators a powerful, easy-to-use policy builder that is capable of categorizing data based on specific needs – organizations can automatically apply labels to identify and protect sensitive information. Persistent classification provides valuable data insight that can be integrated with an organization’s access control system.

• PK Encryption empowers organizations to protect according to policy by automatically applying remediation to risky data. The solution can enforce persistent encryption for hundreds of file types, on databases, and element level strings in files to ensure sensitive information stays encrypted no matter where it is stored, shared, or copied.

Additionally, while cataloging all data is important, what matters most is sensitive and personal data, especially when it comes to audits and DSAR. PK Protect can establish confidence within an organization’s governance processes that all valuable data has been identified and protected according to company policy and data privacy regulations, and is usable for cross-functional decision making and business analytics.

How we are different

• Data governance typically includes manually connecting multiple systems to find and manage sensitive and private data most effectively. PKWARE takes that process and automates it, while offering more connections to other systems than other solutions on the market today. PKWARE’s solution suite removes the guesswork and legwork of governing their data for customers by eliminating data security gaps and automating the management and protection of sensitive information across the enterprise. Additionally, employees can work without disruption or putting company data at risk, since PKWARE automatically handles their security needs and requirements.

• PKWARE partners with consulting and technology service providers, so customers that require customization in their IT solutions can get it. Administrators can define specific actions (or sequences of actions) to be applied based on file contents, file types, storage locations, user profiles, and other criteria. After all, data security is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Within a single organization, there can be dozens of security policies, hundreds of data types, and thousands of use cases. Some data might require encryption, while other data may need to be masked, redacted or deleted.

• Most security technology focuses on where data is. PKWARE’s data-centric security focuses on what needs to be protected—files containing sensitive information—and applies the appropriate form of protection, no matter where the data happens to be. PKWARE provides remediation options (including persistent encryption) that permanently protect data against inappropriate use, even when the data travels beyond the company network.