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Company size (employees)1 to 9
Headquarters RegionNorth America


PRE Security is leading the transition to the next era of AI cybersecurity with our Predictive AI Cybersecurity solution. By introducing PREdictions and predictive workflows to your existing SOC toolset, you can preempt and prevent incidents before they happen and maximize your SOC’s efficiency.

PRE Security has purpose built a SOC level cybersecurity compound AI system centered around the PRE Security CyberLLM™. We have fully leveraged generative AI cybersecurity analytics fabric to enhance your current deployments and laying the groundwork for a more proactive future.

Now your alerts can be fully correlated with maximum context thanks to PRE Security’s Multi-Dimensional alerts, Natural Language Alert Signatures, Predictions, and more.

PRE Security was co-founded by Paul Jespersen, CEO, and John Peterson, CTO.

How we are different

* Patent pending Log2NLP and related patents for data ingestion from any format or source without the need for parses or integrations.
* Patent pending Natural Language Alert Signatures allow for maximum correlation of data sources for high context, multi-dimensional alerts that go beyond typical "flat" tool or even XDR alerts.
* Patent pending Next Event prediction and other solutions to enhance your SOC anayltics with predictive insights for proactive cybersecurity.