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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Despite the billions of dollars organizations spend on network security equipment, encryption solutions, log management and other security controls, bad actors circumvent our defenses through vulnerabilities in web applications. Prevoty was founded on an entirely different, radical approach to securing massive scale, business critical applications that integrates security directly into the applications themselves.

Prevoty enables applications to protect themselves from attack using a lightning-fast, attack detection technique called Language Theoretic Security (LangSec). LangSec is the formal process of understanding how data such as content payloads, database queries, operating system commands and more will execute in an environment. Prevoty employs LangSec via agents and plugins that can be attached to applications at any point in the software development life cycle, and travel with the apps wherever they are deployed. Prevoty inspects all incoming payloads, neutralizing threats in real-time.

Prevoty protected applications are secure by default.

Over the past year, Prevoty has achieved an innovative, new milestone: total autonomy. Prevoty Autonomous Application Protection is now deployed via completely autonomous plugins that perform with no dependencies on network connections. This allows for fast, seamless deployments, while removing the impact of latency and the risks associated with network calls, while providing full visibility, real-time monitoring and protection for critical applications in production.

Distinct Prevoty Benefits:
• Complete Portability – Prevoty autonomous plugins live inside applications and travel with them wherever they are deployed, supporting any deployment model including cloud, multi-datacenter deployments, micro services and more.
• Security – By eliminating any dependencies on underlying infrastructure, Prevoty is free from any callbacks or external communications, removing the risk of data leakage or man-in-the-middle attacks.
• Scale – Seamlessly integrates into organizational CICD or DevOps processes, requiring no effort from development teams or changes to code.
• Efficiency – Prevoty’s LANGSEC detects nefarious or negligent application-based attacks without signatures, policies or rules.

How we are different

• Prevoty is the market leader in the runtime application self-protection (RASP) market, and the most mature, proven solution in the space. Its efficacy was recently put to the test on a grand scale with the emergence of Struts2. Prevoty customers did not need to take any action, remaining protected from application-targeted attacks despite the Struts2 vulnerability. While organizations all around the world were exposed, Prevoty customers were secure by default, even before the vulnerability was patched.

• Prevoty innovated the first fully autonomous RASP solution that enables applications to self-protect themselves by default, at runtime. Prevoty’s solution overcomes the security hurdles that have, up until now, made attaining sustained security of commercial production applications virtually impossible. For years, organizations have relied on perimeter defense tools that cannot effectively protect distributed applications in production, lack real-time contextual awareness, cannot scale with agile application development cycles, suffer from high false positive and negative rates, and continue to be outsmarted by hackers.

• Prevoty has been adopted by Fortune 500 companies across all industries and gained tremendous traction with global brand leaders in financial services and retail which has led to rapidly growing demand across all industry verticals. Prevoty is dedicated to securing enterprises and the users they serve by automating defense and intelligence in all applications and services, enabling Global 2000 enterprises to dramatically improve remediation of vulnerabilities, enabling security and development teams to work together more effectively, even with agile release cycles.