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1. In the first year, the team has interviewed inspiring guests across 48 episodes. Military heroes, politicians, CISOs, educators, founders, authors, industry influencers, and many others round out the intriguing and sometimes surprising tales of security and privacy.

2. Each episode is produced in-house to share relevant, real-life data security and privacy stories to help others protect what matters most - the personal data of our colleagues, our customers, and our communities.

3. Hosts Cameron Ivey and Gabe Gumbs launched the podcast to share their passion for making infosec a little more enjoyable.

Brief Overview

Keeping up with security is a full-time job, and not always fun. Privacy Please is a genuine and informative podcast about real-life data privacy and security issues. The hosts’ appetite for interesting stories that are relevant to the security industry drove them to launch the podcast in early 2020. They bring real stories to hundreds of listeners. Hosts Cameron Ivey and Gabe Gumbs entertain their audience by turning otherwise tech-heavy content into genuine, authentic, unscripted fun.

Episodes feature guests with measurable subject matter authority, ranging from educational institutions, such as Kent State University and Cal State, to a NYS senator, Blackhat representative, and others from companies like TrustArc, Seclore, KnowBe4, and CISCO.

Privacy Please was launched in January of 2020 and has hosted 48 episodes for hundreds of listeners, with over 7,000 episode downloads. Episodes are available on all major podcast platforms.

What can you expect from an episode of Privacy Please? The quickly growing podcast offers crucial information for listeners who are interested in cyber-security and privacy. Each episode is anchored in the real world, incorporating a free-flowing conversation of realistic security stories that are relevant to everyday circumstances.

Some of the most popular episodes include:
• Ep. 27 – Sergeant First Class, Brittany Conley
• Ep. 23 – Ron Gula – Cyber Investor, Policy Expert, President and Co-founder of Tenable and Gula Tech Adventures
• Ep. 20 – Kevin Thomas – New York State Senator, District 6
• Ep. 18 – Ed Hudson – CISO at Cal State University
• Ep. 11 – Christopher Leach, Senior CISO Advisor @ CISCO
• Ep. 45 – Jeremiah Grossman, CEO at Bit Discovery – Company Series Part 1