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Company size (employees)100 to 499
Headquarters RegionNorth America


Proficio is constantly focused on providing our customers with the most innovative and advanced security solutions possible to help them improve their security posture and give them the peace-of-mind they deserve. An alarmingly high percentage of threats go undetected by in-house security teams because there has never been a way for them to easily identify blind spots in their security controls that were putting them at risk.

In June 2018, Proficio addressed this issue head on by creating an enhanced customer portal, ProView Plus™ with executive dashboards and ThreatInsight™ risk scoring. The ThreatInsight Scoring Dashboard, is an industry first that offers customers total visibility into the gaps in their security controls and automatically provides recommendations on how to maximize current investments and minimize risks. ThreatInsight leverages advanced analytics to reveal blind spots in an organization’s security controls, and then identifies and scores these threats based on the steps of the Cyber Kill Chain. The ThreatInsight score is calculated based on Proficio’s proprietary technology and provides customers with intelligent recommendations on how to improve their security posture; it also allows customers to see how their score compares to Proficio’s complete customer base and their specific industry vertical.

The ProView Plus portal, gives customers complete transparency into their security control performance and provides a clear roadmap on how to reduce overall risk in real-time. The ProView Plus portal has executive dashboards that provide customers with a high-level overview of their security posture, investigate security alerts, review device behavior, search security logs sources, create boardroom-ready reports, and handle case management and escalations.

ThreatInsight and ProView Plus are both innovative new products that support CISO’s objectives by arming them with the necessary tools and critical information they need to justify security spending to their board and to keep their organization safe.

How we are different

- Proficio’s innovative approach to managed cybersecurity services uses proprietary processes, experienced security analysts, and the industry’s most advanced technologies to help organizations defend against advanced threat.

- Proficio provides around-the-clock security operations center coverage, built on a global legion of cybersecurity engineers and experts.

- With Proficio, alerts are more accurate and actionable, and our efficient onboarding process makes it possible for company’s sensitive information to be protected sooner rather than later.