Proficio: AWS Security Services

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Company size (employees)100 to 499
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Proficio was one of the first to become an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Level 1 Managed Security Service (MSSP) Competency partner, demonstrating Proficio’s ability and dedication to meeting and exceeding AWS’s baseline standard of quality for managed security services. Our Managed, Detection and Response (MDR) solution surpasses the capabilities of traditional MSSPs and provides clients with 24/7 security monitoring and alerting, threat detection, and response services from our SOCs in California, Singapore and Barcelona.

Proficio is ranked among the top global MSSPs by MSSP Alert and has been recognized in Gartner’s Guide to MDR Services annually since 2017. We combine technology and cloud security experts to continuously detect, investigate, and remove threats from AWS endpoints and at the perimeter the virtual private cloud (VPC). We provide security for both your AWS environment and corporate or remote offices delivered to you as a fully managed service.

Our security services help reduce their risk, meet security and compliance goals, and maximize their investment in security tools. With access to our web portal and dashboards, clients get insight into their security posture so they can detect when AWS accounts and the configuration of deployed resources do not align to security best practices.

Proficio’s AWS experts operate as an extension of our clients’ team, improving cybersecurity outcomes and freeing up internal resources that can then focus on other priorities. Our team of experts are highly responsive and take the time to understand our clients’ environment, processes, and compliance requirements to provide effective threat detection and response services.

Proficio’s SOAR-as-a-Service™ solution, Active Defense, gives our clients an added layer of protection, providing automated response for services such as AWS WAF or VPC to instantly contain high-fidelity threats without human intervention.

We are a Power of 3 partner for clients that use AWS and Splunk.

How we are different

• Advanced Threat Detection: Proficio combines our Threat Management Platform with AWS tools like CloudTrail, AWS WAF, and VPC Flow to provide more accurate threat detection. We integrate threat intelligence, threat hunting, risk-based vulnerability management, and risk scoring to enrich the value our alerting and recommendations. Our team of security experts performs investigations, provides actionable alerts and incident remediation orchestration to efficiently triage security events around-the-clock. Partnering with Proficio is an effective way to increase your cloud security posture and gain full visibility into security alerts related to your AWS environment.

• Automated Containment and Response: Proficio provides more response capabilities than our competitors by automating responses to high-fidelity threats at the endpoint, cloud, and perimeter. Containment actions include quarantining a compromised device, blocking an active attack at the perimeter of your VPC, enabling a web application firewall block of a bad actor attempting to compromise an application, and more. Actions are performed automatically, semi-automatically, or manually by Proficio Security Engineers.

• Maximize AWS Investment: Proficio’s services allow you to maximize the value of your AWS, making sure your AWS accounts and the configuration of deployed resources align to security best practices. We help clients to discover assets in their inventory, tag them with metadata, and identify new, changed, or terminated assets so they can assure they are configured to security best practices from AWS CIS Benchmark and being continuously monitored for compliance based on your AWS account and the AWS services running in it.