Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection provides a unified solution to protect against fraud and security risks across the web and social media. It’s the only solution that provides a holistic defense across digital engagement channels.

Digital Risk Protection allows organizations to centrally discover, audit, and protect their social media presence. With the solution, organizations can:

•Discover their brand’s presence with just a few clicks
•Identify fraudulent social accounts impersonating key executives and the brand
•Detect account takeovers and lock down compromised accounts
•Remove security-risk and malicious content from accounts
•Control connected third-party applications
•Prevent phishing attempts that steal your customers’ credentials

Digital Risk Protection secures brand accounts from takeover attempts in real time by continuously monitoring for changes in account profiles and looking for indications that an account has been hacked. Proofpoint automatically removes unsanctioned content or locks down an account if tampering has been detected. Organizations can easily designate approved configurations, including authorized owners, images, credentials, and third-party applications.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection extends beyond social media. Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, Proofpoint analyzes a vast body of domain data to uncover imposter domains that put an organization’s brand and customers at risk. This includes lookalike domains used to launch email attacks against employees and customers, domains used to sell counterfeit goods or run coupon scams, phishing domains, and more.

Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection also scans the deep and dark web for threats to businesses and their people, including: compromised credentials for sale on darknet forums, confidential data exposure, and physical threats to executives and locations.

How we are different

•Holistic Protection: Proofpoint Digital Risk is the only solution that provides a holistic defense across digital engagement channels. This includes social media, surface web, and the deep and dark web. Proofpoint’s social media coverage includes leading social platforms, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. It also includes key forum and hosting sites in the surface, deep and dark web like Reddit, Pastebin, and Tor-operated .onion domains.

•Accuracy: There is no other technology that can detect and classify risky content more accurately. Artificial intelligence and natural language processing reduce noise, minimize false positives, and enable teams to focus on true security risks. It persistently scans posts and comments for high risk content and highlights malware, phishing, profanity, hate speech, pornography, and more. Based on the content type, organizations can decide whether to log, notify, hide, or delete it. Proofpoint’s pre-built policy templates help organizations defend against fraud and security threats across a wide range of industries and regulations.

•Scale: Proofpoint Digital Risk Protection’s automation and persistent monitoring saves organizations time and alleviates the inaccuracy of manual search and audit efforts. Digital Risk Protection also automatically remediates risky social media content at an unlimited scale.