Proofpoint Information Protection

Additional Info

Company size (employees)1,000 to 4,999
Type of solutionCloud/SaaS


Data doesn’t lose itself. A new people-centric approach to DLP is needed to effectively respond to data loss because data loss originates with people. They can be negligent, compromised by an external threat actor, or be malicious for financial or personal gain. Understanding user intent enables you to apply the appropriate DLP response to mitigate risk. For example, user training for negligent users, open a SOC ticket for compromised users, or involve HR or legal for a malicious user.

Proofpoint is the only vendor that brings together the telemetry of Content, User-Behavior and Threats across the most critical DLP channels – email, cloud services, endpoint, web, on-premises file repositories and private access. We support the modern ways people work with granular policy enforcement capabilities. Built on a scalable, modern cloud backend, the common alert management, data classification, sophisticated analytics, robust policy templates, workflows and reports deliver consistency and simplified day-to-day operations, minimizing DLP complexity for optimal manageability for small team or limited resources.

How we are different

• No other solution in the DLP market is as threat and behavior aware. Proofpoint correlates explicit email, cloud and other threat intelligence with behavioral insight and advanced data classification to determine data loss potential and upstream risk. All other solutions focus primarily on data classification to assess data sensitivity and attempt to control data loss through data sensitivity.

• Our solution provides organizations with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective cloud-based solution that is mature enough (in DLP market since 2006) to include all the workflows, alert management and threat hunting capabilities, classification sophistication, reporting, and dashboards that admins need for accurate DLP and insider threat detection, versatile policy enforcement (block, encrypt, change sharing permissions, delete, read-only via web isolation, etc.) and simplified alert management.

• Proofpoint’s Smart Send feature provides powerful DLP work-flow management for email. With Smart Send, you can reroute sensitive assets back to the user’s manager, HR, IT or anyone else for assessment. This powerful, easy-to-administer tool educates users on proper data handling, reduces inadvertent data loss while freeing up IT resources for more strategic tasks.